Make Up Store’s Spring Assortment (Swatches)

I’m sitting here feeling a little like crap right now being all under the weather and also under a whole pile of work to be rushed out that I absolutely cannot afford to be sick right now so, what do you do when that happens?

Talk about pretty things like make up, of course!

Well, okay I’ll admit this is how procrastination works out but if I have to procrastinate at least let it be for something fairly useful and for the love of makeup, right am I?


So as I was saying, I have a whole year of Make Up Store to talk about and to keep things fairly in sync with the calendar year, let me talk about Spring even though we’re starting to dip our toes into Fall right now.

I have some Fall talk from the Make Up Store as well, freakishly cool stuff too, but that can wait because these Marble Eyeshadows that I am about to share with you are really cool too!

I have talked about Make Up Store’s wondrous Marble Eyeshadows on here before (here, if you forgot) and that was from seasons ago. So while it isn’t Spring anymore, and I’m not sure if stock of these particular Marble Shadows are still around, you can be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future Marble Shadows to come from Make Up Store because I am not kidding, these little pots are such beauties!

The first spotlight is on Blue Venato which is a marbled mix of mid blues, purple-ish navy, specks of lavender and also some silver grey.

While this could appear a little daunting for non-color wearers (like what I have become) you will be assured that this doesn’t swatch as intensely a blue as it may seem. Boohoo to the color lovers but the beauty of these Marble Shadows is choosing where to dip your brush to control how blue / not blue you wish the pay off to be.

Moving on, introducing a total obsession of mine right now, Rosso Asiago – a perfectly wonderful mix of gold, champagne, and a sprinkle of crimson. I am so in love with this one!

Last I heard (about mid August), this was still in stock but I’m not too sure about the stock situation right now.

If you are a fan of warm hues, fuss-free eyes and generally like how you can simply reach for one product but achieve different tones and depths in your look then this baby right here is perfect for you!

Here’s a swatch of both the products and for each product I tried to swatch from different points of the pot to show you how you can control the ‘outcome’ of the color by simply controlling what you choose to pick up.

Have I made my case about these gorgeous Marble Eyeshadows?


Okay, enough of me being a bit of a tease about those Spring items if they do happen to be out of stock (if not, yay, what are you waiting for!). With that, I shall make it up to you by throwing a little feature on some of Make Up Store’s permanent offering, a couple of colors off their Microshadow range.

Please meet, Tiffany, Thistle and Cava, a group of friends with distinctive and individual colors but somehow look so good when they’re put together like that.

For those new to Make Up Store, their usual pressed eyeshadows are called Microshadows and can be used both wet (preferrably with a mixing liquid) and dry.

If you like your colors bold and distinct then you would likely prefer using these wet because when used dry, they can be fairly unassuming. It is still pigmented but you will need to build it up to reach a certain point of distinction and even then they blend out quite easily (pro and con here) so be careful not to overblend these.

Here’s a closer look at these pretties so you can see the soft and glistening sheen running through each shade.




Make Up Store’s claim on these Microshadows is that the color translates true from pan to lid but I do have to hold up a stop sign for this. Now, I am not saying these are bad because I’m sure when used wet that claim will hold true but if you use this dry you will find that the color goes on a little less intense and more subtle / muted. Whichever you prefer.

It isn’t always a bad thing because it means you have a choice for softer intensity or pow-wow goodness on special occasions, with a little help from a mixing liquid.

I usually use saline eye drops for a quick fix and that works, MAC’s Fix + is great too but if you want to keep it within the family, Make Up Store has a mixing liquid of their own which I assume would be the best match for the job.

Though back to these, here’s a swatch on the back of my hand (done dry) with a primer on.

The colors are still just as beautiful once built up, this is about 2-3 swipes depending on the color, and still create great looks (which I will post in just a bit) so it really depends on what you are after.

If you ask me, I would say those who like the option of subtle washes, built up softness and also a chance to amp it up with intensity, you may just find yourself liking these.

I feel Make Up Store doesn’t get as much love as it should for their stellar products so, please do check these out. Especially the Marble Eyeshadows! Those are a gem!


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Make Up Store stuff? If so, what are your favorites?

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Of Site Maintenance and Make Up (Store) Piles!

Heyo everyone!

Before anyone thinks that I am abandoning this shiny new space this soon, fret not because I haven’t and I wouldn’t!

Or rather, as much as I can afford / help it, I wouldn’t want to be silent for too long on here because I have so so much to share and am buzzing with this newfound excitement to blogging.

I guess it does help to have a new layout, a spruced up and pretty site plus much better facilities to work with.

I feel inspired to blog once more!


But anyway, to account for the radio silence over the week and some oddity you may have noticed in your email or perhaps Blog Feed (like that generic ‘Hello World’ article?), it is because I finally got the help of some staff over at WordPress to fix my import issues.

I didn’t post much because this maintenance involved wiping the site of its existing content so to help with restoring it once the wipe is done, the lesser posts I have to replace, the better, yes?

While I had gone ahead and done an official ‘YAY NEW BLOG’ entry awhile back, there were a couple of kinks and hiccups that I didn’t quite smooth out and I wasn’t comfortable just waiting about this long for them to be fixed first.

The wordpress end of things were taking awhile to get back as well so a part of me did think that I would never get it fixed, hence the ‘early’ launch I suppose… I tried to move on from that and be enthusiastic about the whole New Slate thing though in truth I did want some entries on here; the more recent entries from this year at least.

Long story short, finally that has been sorted and I do have a wee bit of history on this shiny new space! At least this history allows more categories to show up, more tags to be present and of course, more related posts to be prompted at the end of every entry.

Yay to all that!


[Authors Note: My darn browser crashed just as I was typing that last sentence and it feels so good to be able to restart everything and still have this whole chunk that I had written! I would have gone bat-shit (excuse mah language) if this was done on Onsugar cause I would have lost everything…]


So anyway!

After all that Site Maintenence talk, I guess… I should just rejoice and round this post up with a Make Up (Store) pile! I have so so much to share from this generous and bubbly brand (because the brand person is so exuberant, hence the description) and I haven’t gotten around to it so a whole mountain is forming right now.

A Spring, Summer and Fall mountain, at that!


So yes… lots to talk about, lots to clear and now with everything set straight – no hiccups and glitches anymore backend – and this new space 100% to my liking, I can’t wait to power on with more makeup rambling!

Once again, if you haven’t followed me on Bloglovin’, go ahead and do so if you have an account! I have set this site’s feed such that you can read the blog from the Bloglovin’ mobile app, without having to ‘open original site’.

If you don’t get what I mean, get on Bloglovin’, follow me, get the mobile app and you will see!


Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you guys real soon!

pssst, notice the Haute Files image in the sidebar? That’s to come real soon!