Nails: Vampiric Desires (with piCture pOlish)


Well, life has been an absolute whirlpool of drama (at work, not in work but around work… long story really) and busy-ness of late and this whole thing has thrown me into a bit of a frenzy because I am working almost every waking moment and haven’t had a good time to properly de-stress by popping on this space, till now.

When life gets so out of hand, sometimes we do have moments we just want to sink our teeth or fingers into the offending people / situation / anything… no?

Well.. okay, maybe I am divulging a little too much of my violent tendencies but I assure you, I have my moods under control and no one has been harmed by my imagination, thus far.


So, if you can’t resort to violence there is a way to wear satisfy your vampiric tendencies and that is to wear blood-red polish! True bloody bloody redness that glistens and glosses like an actual dollop of blood painted across your nails.

I swear this sounds like a morbid matter but the color itself is very chic to wear, here have a look:

This piCture pOlish color, Vampire, is absolutely stunning and the truest form of Blood Red I have ever encountered.

It has a jelly-like finish which allows it some transparency at edges and also allows you to build the color up to a burgundy-black tone while still have crimson peep through at the edges.

Isn’t that almost exactly like blood? Such a beauty I tell you!

So, tell me, would you like to get some blood (red) on your fingers now? ;)

Thanks for reading!

New! – YSL's La Laque Couture Spicy Collection (Info & Pics)

If you know how quickly YSL’s Limited Edition releases move then, ’nuff said, get yourself down to TANGS Orchard nao if you want to grab yourself some La Laques from YSL’s Spicy Collection.

A collection that seems (to me) born from the rich brown and warm tones of Fall adds a little spice (ahem, pun intended) of earthiness to the pretty pastels that are flooding the beauty scene right now.

The 7 exotic shades released with the Spicy Collection feature varying nuances of warmth – from a pale pink to mustard, a fiery orange and deep plummy reds.

Of them all, the standout will probably be the one you see on the far right, N°47 Feuille D’Or which serves as a gorgeous accent with gold leaf flakes suspended in a clear polish.

I haven’t been able to give that one a whirl yet but of swatches I have seen, it is absolutely stunning.

Here’s a run-down of the polishes:

  •  N°41 Eau de Rose – A soft and beautiful shell-pink color that is subtle in tone yet perfectly polishes up a whole look giving it a dash of feminity.
  •  N°42 Safran Sultan – An intriguing mustard color, one of those that colors you either love or hate. I can’t wait to give this one a go.
  •  N°43 Opulente Canelle – Not a color I typically reach for (do I even have one like this?) but this rose tan was favored by my tan-skinned bestie and it looked like a stunning neutral shade on her.
  •  N°44 Ambre Gingembre – The color heading this Spicy Collection’s campaign is one I’m actually afraid of. Orange isn’t a shade I like to wear on my nails but I think this has an edge to it, setting it apart from most orange / corals I have seen.
  •  N°45 Pimento D’allieurs – This color is beautiful, a slightly purple and muted red shade that exudes class in an understated manner. It is probably my favorite of the cream shades but with that said, this isn’t the most unique color. Though it is gorgeous nonetheless and something I can easily reach for – classic with a matured twist.
  •  N°46 Poivre Noire – My current obsession with deep plums makes me adore this darkened plummy maroon. This is another shade that is simple and classic to wear and while dupe-able, it is nice to have if deep maroons are your thing.

Last but not least, we have N°47 Feuille D’Or which I assume wouldn’t need much explanation. It is a brilliant top coat that would add an extra touch to a manicure and I can predict this selling out incredibly quick so hurry and get your hands on it!

Now I’m sorry for this being quite a sad excuse of an entry but I haven’t managed to swatch them all proper and I wanted to get the information up as quickly as I could.

Nail swatching isn’t an easy task for me, time and annoying eczema combined, though I will go through the lot and swatch them as soon as I can! I personally can’t wait to try out the shades too.

The La Laque Couture Spicy Collection is now available at YSL TANGS Orchard.

Run down, RUN.

Thanks for reading!