Urban Decay IN DA HAUS!

Pardon my excitement but…. LOOK AT THIS:

Tell me that the sight of all these pretties waiting and calling out to you to play with them does not excite you?

I’ll try my very best to give them an individual feature (followed by looks and all) really really soon. As soon as I can, I promise. I can’t wait to dig my brush into those smooth pans and slap those shadows on!

I’m especially thrilled with NAKED 2 Basics because, hello there you cool cool taupe-y browns, you’re totally right up my alley~

So anyway, before I get carried away, I just wanted to flag this up – Urban Decay swatches, mentions and hopefully a spam of it all will be coming to your inboxes (if you’re subscribed to me) or blog feeds real soon.


As I had predicted (which didn’t require much skill really) this week is going to be a tough one and time is going to be tight once more. All this busy-ness while I have so so much to share. Gosh, I wish we had more hours in the day or… less hours to work in a day, ha! Eitherways, hang tight and I’ll keep this spot alive and buzzing with holiday / pampering (because you gotta indulge before the parties!) news as much as I can!

Till then, thank you for reading! ♥