Look Feature: Naked On the Run – Texture Mish-mash!

So this is it, the day!

The day that Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run goes up and running (oh joy, I can’t stop with the punny references) so if you’re looking to get your hands on it, do hurry down to ION Sephora!

I doubt it’ll be possible to be in amongst the first few right now because those who really want the Naked Vault are probably already in queue (right? I’m guessing…) but you could still make it to be one of the First 100 and walk away with a deluxe sample of Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Primer Potion!

Eitherways, good luck to all heading down. Remember, it’s ION Sephora and it’ll launch 6pm today (5th Dec).

Now on to the look, here’s my attempt at fusing a matte and shimmery color together for a fusion of textures.

I will say that in pictures the look didn’t quite come out as distinctive as I would have liked, partially due to the fact that I’m also perfecting the idea of mixing textures since I’m more accustomed to wearing pearly, frosted or sheened eyeshadows alone. But I think this is an okay start and you’ll like see more texture mishmash from me!

Though in the meanwhile, here’s my rough stab at it with the deeper end of the palette spectrum.


Somehow it photographed a little more intense and darker a mix of browns as compared to how it looks in person but no matter, just an observation.


Naked Look 3

Given the pairings available, I could go light (with Fix and Resist – the ashy beige matte and cool taupe metallic) or darker and smokier as I did here.

I had the matte shade (Dare) in the inner corner and all over the lid actually with Stun (the gold shimmer strewn brown on the outer corner.

The effect of the look was a little different from what I had in mind, probably due to the texture of the shadows and that Stun has a refined touch of gold shimmer instead of the piece-y gritty sort but I think it ended up being quite alright. Though I’ll definitely explore this texture mix again with grittier, sparklier shadows!


Here’s a blurry shot to capture the shimmer. I don’t even know how many times I’ve said ‘shimmer’ in this post…





For the rest of the face, the cheeks are largely the same as what I had used in previous Naked On the Run looks – with the bronzer as contour and blush as blush – but this time around I loaded up on 5050 on both the cheeks and also high points of the face for a more glowy and radiant finish to the skin.

Continuing the texture mix, instead of glossy and shiny lips from the Naked Gloss within, I cheated here and went for a satin finish on the lips instead.

My inital intention was matte but as it turns out, Laqa & Co’s Fat Lip Pencils weren’t as matte as I had remembered them to be.



I must say, when you consider mixing and matching textures and not just colors alone, it makes the whole look rather interesting to put together.




I apologize for the fact that my eyes always looking so bloodshot in the mornings. I’m not quite sure why but they look better as the day progresses. It must be the fact that I’m totally not a morning person, ha!


Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Lanôme Absolue Liquid Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Incandescent

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Dare – all over lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay Stun – outer half of the lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay 5050 – brow highlight (NOTR)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Stag

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Blush
Urban Decay Naked on the Run Bronzer (contour)

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Ring of Fire

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The Lighter Texture Mix Variation!

Now, hijacking this post a little, I was about to end it with just showcasing that one variation of the matte and shimmer mix but both curiosity and the need to document it got the better of me so I explored the lighter texture mix options I had mentioned at the start of the post.

I didn’t bother to create a brand new entry for this because it’s quite a simple look and aesthetically it isn’t very much but for those considering all aspects of this palette before acquiring it (why even consider, just get it!) here’s a look you can explore.


Naked Look 3 lighter



I can envision this being a look I’d throw on quite often when I’m not sure if I feel up for shimmer or matte – why not both right?



With that, I’m going to round up this dedicated mention to the Naked On the Run Palette and as always I hope that amidst my spam of looks that sometimes may not differ too much from each other, you found this helpful and informative!

Don’t forget to run down if you want to get your hands on this!

Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run Palette will be launching 5th December (6pm) at ION Sephora. This is Limited Edition.


Cutting that long ramble down, I’m signing out of my blog for a bit though I do have some posts scheduled and planned so this space wouldn’t end up dead but I guess for me it’ll be a bit of a break – a fun and tiring one so… not so much of a break-break but whatever, I’m rambling again.

Okay, see you guys shortly and stick around for more posts I have planned!

Thank you again for reading!

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Look Feature: Naked On the Run – Simple Everyday Mattes

After having a look at this relatively flashy (as flashy as these variations of neutral browns can go) look from the Naked On the Run palette, here’s turning it to the opposite side of the dial for those who prefer to go about their everyday looking clean, simple and preferably shimmer or shine free!


Amongst the 5 eyeshadow shades within Naked On the Run, there are 2 shadows with a matte finish and they do vary in intensity with one being a lighter ashy taupey shade (great for all over the lid) and the other being a warmer and smokier chocolate brown.

Since there are only 2 shadow options, the only thing you can play around with would be placement and this is how I would best wear it.

You can of course use the warmer brown (Dare) all over and the taupey brown (Fix) to blend out the crease but hey, your call!

No matter how neutral and simple, the options are still there for your pairing!


Naked Look 2

I’ll admit I cheated a little this time around and didn’t use the 24/7 Glide-On Liner included within (Stag).

Instead I opted for my own liquid liner and the 24/7 Liner in Zero for the lower lash line (not included, but from the Black Magic set).




Typically for simple matte looks I do like a sharper and crisp black liner just because I feel it gives the look this certain classic quality to it.

But of course if you’re going for smokey, effortless, soft and natural, Stag is a great number to use!

All personal preference and makeup doesn’t have to be about rules, it’s always about playing around with what you have for a look that best fits you!


Because I ditched the liner, I did compensate by trying on the Perversion mascara (as you know, I don’t wear mascara everyday) and I liked how it kept my lashes soft. It’s not the best in the volume or length department, I feel, but for a natural mascara wearer like me (I don’t like to feel like I have it on or feel it against my frames), it’s actually quite nice.


It does give you depth and intensity in color but it’s most ideal for those who just need that deep rich black coating and not so much the added volume, intensity and curl. It’s nice, I feel, but if you want vavavoom lashes, this does not do that.


Cheeks and lips are the same combo as before – the bronzer as a contour, blush as a blush (hurhur, duh) with a little bit of 5050 highlighter on the high points of the cheek.


Finishing the matte crisp look off with soft glossy lips using the Naked Nourishing Lipgloss in Sesso included within. I’m not the biggest fan of gloss but I find myself developing a soft spot for this. Plus mixing up a matte eye with glossy lips keeps the look simple and casual.





 Products Used:

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Dior Diorstar Liquid Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Fix – all over lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay Dare – outer half of the lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay 5050 – brow highlight (NOTR)
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Zero
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (NOTR)

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Blush
Urban Decay Naked on the Run Bronzer (contour)

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Sesso (NOTR)

Grey Divider

So there you go!

For you ladies (and guys) who prefer things smooth, matte, and shimmer/shine-free here’s how you can do so with Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run. Not the most of variety, I’m sure, but good enough if you want to be able to do shimmers and mattes alike.

Speaking of, I decided to do up one last look mixing both finishes together because if you can’t mix it up too much with color then why not texture, yes?

That’s to come, so stay tuned!


Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run Palette will be launching 5th December (6pm) at ION Sephora. This is Limited Edition.

If you’re getting this, do check out the Early Bird Promos and see how you can get your hands on UD’s Naked Vault for FREE!

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Urban Decay’s NAKED On the Run – For The Peeps Who Are Always On the Road!

So here’s the low down if you’re getting Naked On the Run this Friday (5th December at ION Sephora, 6pm).



I know how wrong that sentence sounds but when it comes to Urban Decay, I’m past the point of trying to correct myself and making it sound right. I’m so used to thinking of ‘Naked’ as the term of an Urban Decay range that sometimes I forgot that in itself it means, just that, being naked. Like nude.

See even when I say nude I think of a nude beige lipstick or something…

Our minds are so wired around makeup.


My point being, I don’t think anyone would have the intention of running naked (no seriously, why would you?) but if you’re always on the go and you like your makeup quick, fuss-free and relatively subtle but not invisible then you fit the target audience of Urban Decay’s latest Naked On the Run palette!


An all-in-one palette, this hefty case of rose gold is just base and brows (and maybe brushes too) short from being the perfect lug and go, though in it’s own right it’s quite an accomplished travel palette already.

The first thought I had when I saw this was – whoa, it’s a lot bigger than I expected!


With a MAC lipstick for scale

I mean, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had only seen it online but somehow a part of me expected it to be smaller, being travel and all. Though in some aspects, it’s quite nice that Urban Decay still went the whole way with a lavish look and a luxurious metalic rose-gold effect to it, instead of a cheapy rattle-y plastic feel.

If you ask me this is really best for having out on your vanity to quickly throw on your daily look because everything is in easy reach of the palette from your liner to shadows, cheek and lip color and even mascara, if you do that.


I don’t know how comfortable I would be actually lugging it about for my travels because it is quite ‘solid’ and ‘weighted’ but if I was pressed for time when packing and can’t be bothered to rummage my drawers for options then throwing this in my luggage would suffice.

Along with a base, some brow products, a loose / compact powder for the base, an eye primer and of course some brushes.

So that’s just an idea of what else I feel I would need to pack apart from this piece of pretty right here.


The inconvenient aspect of it – being a little larger and weighted – is also a reason why I like it because it isn’t just super compact and small. It has some weight to it, some heft and that just makes me feel like you’re getting so much more for the price.


The pans of eyeshadows, blush/bronzer and a highlight shade (for cheeks or eyes) within are all nicely sized so you don’t have to worry about getting your brush aim right on bleary-eyed mornings during your travels.

In fact, the Naked Nourishing Gloss within is a full-sized item! What would you know! The eyeshadow pans themselves are comparable to the Vice 3 pan size too.


Of course, given the ‘NAKED’ theme, the shades within this palette are all out to give you that neutral and natural look be it if you want it minimal or smokey (but soft and neutral).

It’s not going to be able to give you a whole range of looks but if your comfort zone and usuals sit within these permutations of browns (warm, ashy, slightly rosey) then I think you’ll be right at home with this.


There is a nice mix of 3 metallic shades and 2 smooth creamy mattes, a good move on Urban Decay’s part.

I especially love that warm slightly copper-gold deep brown at the very end because it’s got some stunning shimmer action going on. I couldn’t wait to use it so I have included it in some looks to come real soon.

Like, tomorrow soon.


Here’s a swatch of the lovely browns in the palette.

They’re all such yummy shades I had to snap this palette pronto and use it right away. I got this palette on Friday and I was already using it on Monday, that’s an incredibly quick photo turnover time for my standards!



Look at the shine on those metallics!


And that gorgeous shine on that golden brown


Speaking of eyes, we have a travel-sized 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Stag and given my recent experience with these, I really like them because they stay put and don’t budge (very much) on my liner-eating watery eyes.

If any liner can last well through a day on my eyes, that’s a clear winner in my books.


I’m utterly impressed with them and if you’re traveling, the last thing you need is a liner mishap so these are a great go-to for an ease of mind for your eyes.


Another eye item within is the Perversion Mascara, in a sleek travel-sized tube, which I’ve heard about quite a fair bit when it launched not too long ago.


Modeled after Urban Decay’s very popular 24/7 Glide On Liner shade (in Perversion of course), this promises to be as rich and black as the liner.

Though I’m not much of a mascara user these days so I can’t judge how it properly wears but I brush some of this on my lower lashes and it seems to give me rather nice definition there. It’s not intense because I would only go for a light coat but I like how the brush (which was bigger than I expected) seems to hold and grab each lash really well.


The only thing I feel I would swap out within this palette is the Naked Gloss (in Sesso) – only because I don’t personally prefer gloss but since we don’t have a Naked Lipstick range (yet! UD, I’m waiting) this is the only thing to cover the lips.

Literally. Hurhur, I’m so cheesy now I’m sorry.


The nice thing about this chubby tube of gloss is the spacious well it is housed in. If necessary, I’m sure you could slide a shorter lip liner or maybe even those chubby lip pencils or slimmer lipsticks in should you wish to swap it out.

But shh, don’t say you heard it from me.


Though to give Sesso (the Naked Nourishing Gloss within) some credit, it is beautiful and natural, soft and easy to wear. The shade is a translucent medium pink that is really wearable, strewn with fine pink shimmers within to bring some shine to your pout.

It’s just I have my own beef with lipgloss and I shouldn’t take it out on here to affect my fair judgement of it. For the sake of reviewing this proper I have also been making myself wear this more often and in truth I really do like how comfortable it wears and glossy it looks, just not so much when the wind picks up

Here’s a swatch of both Stag and Sesso.

I skipped out on swatching Perversion mascara because it’ll simply be a swipe on my hand and what does that say about it right? It’s black, and we all know that so let’s save that ‘swatch’ for another time on my lashes!



That aside, rounding up my long ramble about this palette would be the cheek colors – there’s a bronzer and blush duo housed within as well as a highlighter pan that’s slightly larger than the eyeshadows but smaller than the face color pans.


I believe the intention is for you to choose to wear it as a brow highlight (because there isn’t one otherwise) or as a cheek highlighter as well.


The color itself is a pale ivory with a subtle sheen, not shimmery or glittery at all, so I believe it would be great for either purpose. That’s what we all love when we travel right, multi-purpose products.

While the bronzer looked pretty orange in the pan and swatched fairly orange against my hands, it turned out alright once I dabbed it on the face so, don’t be afraid that it swatches like a lobster bisque here.


Here’s a closeup on 5050 because it’s a great subtle highlight that I enjoy dabbing on both my brow bone and cheek bones.


Purple Divider

Okay, so I know I rambled on a little and went into detail with some products but overall you can say that I’m quite impressed with Naked On the Run and also really enjoyed having it on my vanity over the last few weeks (and many more weeks / days to come)!

And have I also mentioned that all the products within (Perversion Mascara aside) are brand new and Limited Edition – exclusive to the Naked On the Run palette.


Way to go Urban Decay to give you an incentive to need to own this palette. The term Limited Ediion just lights up a spark in our mind and short-circuits the unit called Willpower.

Of course this may not be everyone’s palette, less everyone’s travel palette, but it’s one you don’t really need much persuasion to get because neutrals just work.

Almost everyone loves a good neutral because it’s so easy to wear and when you have a quick face option put together in a well designed palette, what’s not to love!

It makes for a great gift too if you happen to know someone looking to get Naked (okay, bad joke) or someone who loves the Naked line and would be totally stoked about receiving this under their Christmas tree.

It’s highly recommend given the price and size of everything, S$85 isn’t too bad for this box of quality!


If you’re up for getting this palette, here’s a bit of a repeat of information that I had talked about earlier in this post. Only because it’s such a great deal and I really hope one of you guys manage to score it!

Grey Divider

Naked On the Run Early Bird Promotion!

The Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette will be launching at 5th December, 6pm sharp. Though if you’re hardcore about it you might want to get there earlier because the first 2 who purchase the palette will receive the Naked Vault for FREE.

The next 4 will have the option to purchase the Vault (worth S$550) at a steal of S$388!

Then of course the First 100 will also be given a nice deluxe size Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion so you can prep your lids proper before you use Naked On the Run!

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So, are you going to be On the Run down to ION Orchard on the 5th of December?


Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run retails for S$85 and will be launching on 5th November, 6pm sharp.

This is Limited Edition.

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Urban Decay’s NAKED On The Run (Plus Naked Vault *Gasp*) Coming Your Way Soon!


So I guess the Surratt schedule is going to get pushed back a little because some holiday and limited edition mentions had popped up over the weekend – like literally, on my doorstep – and given these are only available for this period of time I think it’s better to give them a mention first.

I’m sure you don’t mind either, right? :D


You might have seen the Naked On the Run palette being featured all over the place (cause it’s running all over? hurhur, not funny?) and if you’re interested to get your hands on it, you’ll be glad to know that it’s hitting our stores (or store, at Sephora ION) 5th December at 6pm sharp, retailing at S$85!

I think that’s a pretty okay price given what you get within (quite awesome for a travel product) and the palette has a good heft to it, which could translate good or bad but at least you’re not getting a light rickety palette. That’s my sentiment, at least.


So, if its launching all the wayyyyy over at Next Friday (5th December), why am I telling you about this so far ahead of time?

Well, because if you’re a hardcore Urban Decay fan or if you’re just looking to get your hands on the extremely amazing looking Urban Decay Naked Vault then I hope you have a leave form in your hands right now (for those working office hours that is).

Even though it’s only launching after working hours, I’m sure the queue will be forming before, and here’s why:

  • the First 2 in line to purchase Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run palette will receive the Naked Vault for FREE! *zomg*
  • The Next 4 will get an option to purchase it for S$388 (when the kit is valued at S$550) – total steal I tell you!
  • The First 100 Customers will receive a deluxe sample of Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Primer Potion.

Incase you may not know what the Naked Vault is and why I am gasping and freaking out about it, here it is – the mother of all of Urban Decay’s Naked pieces.

Behold, the Vault.

It comes with the 3 NAKED Eyeshadow palettes (that’s the full sized one, not the basics) and 3 NAKED Flushed (Cheek/bronzer duo) along with 3 NAKED Glosses and 3 24/7 Dual-Ended Glide-On Liners.

Now that’s a lot of Naked in one box!

If you’re the lucky few to get your hands on this for free or at a really good price then, good on you because this would be such an amazing way to kick start your Naked Journey or a perfect thing to split up and gift (some, because you’ll want most, right?) to girlfriends, your mom, etc!

So yes, this is amazing but let’s get back to the key item at hand, the Naked On the Run palette which in its own way is really awesome as well.


It features 5 all-new neutral eyeshadows within as well as a new flush combo, a Limited Edition Naked gloss color and even a new and dedicated 24/7 Glide-On Eyelliner Pencil shade along with the newly released Perversion mascara.

I thought that was quite nice because given their arsenal of 24/7 Glide-On Pencils they could have just made any color a travel size and thrown it in but they really went all out to make On the Run an exclusive and Limited Edition palette in all aspects!

So, anyway, I’ll cover this palette a little more in upcoming posts, complete with a couple of quick looks thrown together with everything (as far as possible) from within the palette so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile here’s a look at a couple of other things Urban Decay had generously thrown into their press pack as well. I can’t wait to give these a go, especially the Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray and of course All-Nighter Spray. The working hours this week is no joke and I think a spray like that would be really helpful. We’ll see!





I’m going back to my topic hop-about it seems because I’ve got some MAC Holiday mentions coming right up too and I’m just going to throw them on without a care of whether I’m jumping from one brand to the other.

I know you guys can keep up, right ;)

Once more:

Urban Decay’s On the Run palette is launching at ION Sephora on 5th November (6pm sharp), retailing at S$85.

The first 2 to buy will receive the Urban Decay Naked VAULT for free, the next 4 at S$388 (worth S$550) and the First 100 will get a deluxe sample of the Anti-Aging Primer Potion.


That said, thanks for reading and if you’re going down to try your luck next Friday, good luck!

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