New & Upcoming From Shu Uemura – Laque Supreme Swatches, Glow Creator Low-down & That Stunning Shu:palette!

Hello you guys!

I’ve got another rambly little update for you and this time it’s for Shu Uemura.

The preview wasn’t an extensive one and you know how when faced with a whole load of new and upcoming products you just get so focused on learning about it and playing with it that you forget to snap everything?

Yeah… that seems to happen to me quite often during previews. Though nonetheless, I still managed some shots of the new and upcoming stuff to Shu Uemura! I’m pretty excited about these Spring releases and I think it’ll interest some of you too!

I’ll be receiving some pieces from Shu Uemura at a later date so, you know the drill, I’ll have more information and pictures of those pieces to come.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at this brief and (I’m assuming) rambly overview!


Laque Supreme

Starting with something that is already out, the Laque Supreme, which will be added to Shu Uemura’s permanent line up of lip arsenals.


Off-hand, before I delve into press information about the product, my first impression and thought of it would be whipped, glossy and creamy all at the same time.

While there are some similar products out there looking to transcend the borders between a lipstick, lipgloss, lip lacquer and all (Dior Fluid Stick, YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush and maybe Lancôme Lip Lover, I’m looking at you), I think there’s a place in the makeup universe for all of hybrid formulas that brands seem to be coming up with.

I want to say that the Laque Supreme immediately reminded me of the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, which it sorta does in that mildly whipped consistency, but yet it isn’t the same thing at all.





Firstly the Laque Supremes are solely made for lip use and while they have that lightweight, creamy colored whipped thing going on, these do actually lay down a pretty mean color stain! Unlike YSL which mostly wipes away, save for the few stronger shades.


The Laque Supremes are quite intriguing and I’ve only had a go at it on the lips one time so far (swatches on the hands otherwise) and it starts out as this cool, lightweight and part glossy part creamy texture but once on the lips, it actually starts to set and that milky light color does deepen.

Hence I will recommend that you try out the color you hone in on on your lips first before deciding.





During that one occasion I tried this on, I applied it prior to a meal and allowed it a little while to set before I got started eating and even after, I noticed that the color was still evident on my lips. Though I did try a rather neutral shade so I can’t say to what extent did the color remain untouched but I’ll give you a proper review once I get my pieces!

Though long story short, there’s a good amount of variety across the 15 shades that are launched and while the range is pigmented I believe there are a few pieces (was it 3, or 5?) that are Limited Edition shades. I know one of which is the rich deep wine shade (WN1) but otherwise, I’m not sure of the rest.

I’ll update about this again but if anything, this is currently available so do head down to check it out!


Glow Creators

Next up would be the glow creators!


I know cream glow products doesn’t interest everyone but I will add that this seems to be the latest makeup trend, not that glow was ever out of trend, with brands putting out fresh glowy looks on the runway this season by not only using targeted highlighters but also mixing in glow boosting creams into foundations and dabbing even more to the high points just before the models hit the stage.

Glow can be risky business but I think these days brands are trying to make glow boosting creams a no brainer to use by allowing the finish to look natural yet the shine to still be dewy and bright!

I think amongst the glow boosting creams I’m a little obsesssed with right now, Shu Uemura’s Glow Creators seem to be of a more obvious and higher shine but it could also be due to me blending out a generous dollop across a small surface on my hand so… we’ll have to see how this performs on the face once I have it!

The Glow Creators will be available in 2 shades – Warm Glow and I can’t quite recall the other… Oops. I believe it’s Cool Glow? But basically the difference in the shades would be the color of the shimmers within with Warm Glow obviously lending a soft golden touch while the Other Glow gives a more porcelain radiant finish (more silver).


Don’t mind the stains the Laque Supreme had left on my hands…


Both are equally lovely and I’m sure when used in miniscule amounts across the face you may not see a huge difference in tone but I’m guessing most of us will ultimately reach for Warm Glow (unless you’re fair or mildly pink-toned, the other would be more suited) so that could be the most popular one once this launches!

I can’t wait to try this out on my face and showcase that since the swatches above doesn’t show the product in its full glory since it was blended out on a small surface area hence it looks quite concentrated and a little ‘much’.


Shu:palette – Exquisite Neutral Artist Palette!

Now this last one I am most excited about and also beating myself up a little for as I didn’t get to swatch all the shades involved for a thorough showcase but… if anything, all the shades within this Shu:palette are Permanent so I guess you can go check out the shades in the meanwhile if you’re contemplating it.


So… if all the shades are permanent, why bother with this palette, right?

Well, because it’s incredibly good value for money given the full-sized shadow pans within and it is also a really well curated neutral palette with a mix of textures, tones and depths. I know its impossible to have us just stick to one neutral palette our whole lives but if somehow you need to make that call, I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets the most picks.




The formula and pigmentation of the shadows are beautiful and quality isn’t compromised at all. The case itself feels sturdy enough, a little thin for my liking, but it looks like it should be able to hold its own should you bring it traveling.


There’s also a synthetic dual-ended brush within, Shu Uemura’s very first dual-ended brush, which works great with picking up colors as well so that could be handy on the go.



In all, I think this palette is one to look out for because of how stunning it is and you can never go wrong with browns, right? I’m pass the point of questioning why we need so many brown / neutral palettes in our lives but somehow we just do, right?


Sadly this will be Limited Edition though knowing the anticipation for this palette, Shu Uemura will start a reservations list a little closer to launch date (1st March 2015, ideally) but I’ll keep you guys posted!

I know I’m looking forward to get my hands on this, are you?

It will retail for S$160 which works out to be S$10 an eyeshadow and that’s not even considering the brush involved and the palette casing as well. I really think it’s not too bad!


So phew, there you go!

There are a couple more lowdowns that we got through the cozy gathering we had with Shu Uemura but I didn’t snap a picture of said collections so I didn’t bother giving much of a mention here though I’ll have some of those products coming in and I think I’ll save my words for the dedicated entry to come!

I think you’ve read quite a lot here already so I’ll let you go for now!

How’s everyone doing? All packed and set for Chinese New Year already? It feels like its happening so fast I haven’t even had time to properly get my things sorted, eeps!

I’m in the midst of a mini relocation (well, from my office desk of 2 plus years back home) and whatnot so I’m assuming that my blogging timelines are going to get a little delayed due to this change. It’s minor but there’s file transferring to and fro so my computer back at home is going to get a little messy for a bit so blogging may take a back seat meanwhile. And maybe an even further backseat once New Job starts… sigh.

We’ll see how it goes, alright?

Thanks for reading!

Look Feature: Naked On the Run – Rosey Neutrals

This is probably as ‘colored’ as you can get with Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run Palette, in terms of the eyelook that is.


I’ll attempt a couple more renditions with the shades within the palette, just to show you how I would play around with them, but as I had said the shades are rather similar so they aren’t going to be a world of a difference apart.

As you know, the Naked On the Run palette offers up 5 varieties of browns from a mauvey-rosey to taupey skin-like options and also deeper warmer browns.

Each shade seems to already have it’s own role pre-determined (to a certain degree) so even with a mix and match the looks will still be reminiscent of each other but I guess that’s the point with a travel palette. You want something foolproof and easy-on-the-go without spending the extra few minutes each morning deciding how to pair a certain combo.


In this look, I attempted something that isn’t too ‘everyday’ (read: simple and plain) but can be worn everyday if you like your looks with a little more shine and sheen.

The main color showcased here would be said mauvey-rose (Drive) which brings Naked 3 to mind with its rose pink-brown hues.

PB240276 copy

Naked Look 1

I paired that with the stunning deep golden brown shade (Stun – how apt!) for a smokier and also fancier finish but if you’re looking to tone the look down, I’m sure the smooth chocolate matte shade would work just fine as an outer-corner shade as well.

It’s quite a lovely look and one I would wear again when I’m looking to dress my look up a little but still keep it relatively neutral.


I had also used Stag, the 24/7 Glide-On Liner found within the Naked On the Run palette, to line my lids and I like how it lends a soft and rather smokey effect to the look.

It’s one of the nicer black brown liners I’ve come to use. I like how close to black it is in terms of intensity and depth but still in the realm of brown with a softer edge (than black).


I do highly recommend this 24/7 Glide On Liner and wish it were sold separately but unfortunately it is exclusive to the Naked On the Run palette.



Look at how Stun (outer corner color) stuns, hurhur, with its shine and sparkle!




For the rest of the face, I’m wearing bits and pieces from the Naked On the Run palette.

Instead of using the bronzer like what it was intended for, as a bronzer, I used it as a contour instead and was pleased to know that it worked quite okay for that. Contrary to how orange it swatched, it looked perfectly okay on. Maybe a tad warm but it was fine.


Then I had the blush on the cheeks as well as the Naked Gloss on the lips.


I even gave the Perversion Mascara a go (on my lower lashes) just to test out the brush and see how it applies, intensity and all.

Though it isn’t much to look at so… forget I even mentioned that. Heh! I applied a thin coat but if anything, I will say that I like how the brush grabs on to each and every lash really well.




Products Used

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation SPF 50PA+++
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Dive – all over lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay Stun – outer half of the lid (NOTR)
Urban Decay Fix – blended in the crease (NOTR)
Urban Decay 5050 – brow bone highlight (NOTR)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in Stag (NOTR)

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Blush
Urban Decay Naked on the Run Bronzer (contour)

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Sesso (NOTR)

Grey Divider

I’m rambling a little more since this is my first Look Feature with Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run Palette.

In the next couple of looks (I’m thinking to do maybe 1 or 2 more… we’ll see) I’ll likely just run through the eye products and showcase the rest through pictures without talking much about it since I’ve said enough here.


Overall, I think this palette is pretty straightforward and handy to have even if you don’t have the intention to bring it for travels. It makes for a great face kit when you’re having those girly sleepover parties!

The colors within are wearable and easy to work with as well.

While limited in shade (because it’s meant to be neutral and wearable), you aren’t restricted to just one look either. There are options even if they aren’t the most different in tone and shade.

What’s more, I really recommend the 24/7 Glide-On Liner in Stag because it’s a black-brown shade that I really enjoy using, plus based on my experience with the 24/7 Liners thus far this one seems to last the best for/on me.


If you’ve got your sights on this, I would say ponder no more, it’s a worthy kit to have and for S$85, it’s really not too bad!

Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run Palette will launch 5th November (6pm sharp) at ION Sephora. Read about Early Bird deals here (including how to get your hands on the Naked Vault).

This palette will retail for S$85 and is Limited Edition.

Thank you for reading!

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