YSL Opens A New Boutique At Vivocity! Come By & ‘Photobooth’ Yourself!

Hey everyone!

Okay, this post isn’t part of the YSL plan because rightfully that’s all wrapped up and done!

Though as of this moment the YSL Giveaway that I’m holding on my Instagram is still on-going and ending on the 9th of August (hurhur, yes, National Day), so pop by and take part if you haven’t!


Meanwhile I’m giving this space a little breather and also allowing those who didn’t manage to check back often in the month of July some time to catch up on all the YSL posts.

I’m also taking this time to sort my thoughts (about upcoming posts) and stuff out – planning what to shoot next, what to feature and talk about and also how to get this space back on that whole ‘random’ track again with all the backlogged features that I’ve amassed during the July period so…

That’s a whole lot of beauty coming your way too but give me a little while to get it all sorted!


For now at least, I wanted to do a quick YSL shout out because they’ve just opened a new YSL boutique over at Vivocity so you west-siders now have a YSL boutique closer to you!


It’s taken over the space where Make Up Store used to be – unit number #01-02 for reference – so that’s near L’OCCITANE and also on the way towards the bus stop at the front of Vivo.

In some sense it’s a little quiet and tucked away from the bustle of the rest of the mall but it’s still easy to find and easily accessible. The boutique space is a little wider than the ION one so you get to see everything at a glance and also shop comfortably in the compounds of the boutique!



The new YSL Autumn 2015 Full Metal collection is now out too so you can give that a look if you’re dropping by! I’m sure it’s also available at ION as well so collection-wise you can give this a look there as well.


That eyeshadow palette is absolute love and that transparent setting powder, while nondescript and ‘basic’ feels extremely velvety and smooth to the touch. I brought a piece home with me so I’ll be sure to give you a review about it real soon!



Long story short, just pop on over and check it out if you happen to be in the area (why wouldn’t you be though, loads of SG50 freebies going on at Sentosa!).

What’s more, they’ve got a cute little photobooth station available instore (till 16th of August) so you can hop in and get yourself a little YSL snap!


Wrapping it up, happy Jubilee weekends everyone (those in Singapore celebrating the long weekend) and to everyone else, TGIF!

The new YSL boutique is located at #01-02 Vivocity

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New LUSH Store at Orchard Gateway!

There’s a new scent in town! Or rather a new LUSH location scenting up the malls along Orchard Road.

I was kindly invited, by the LUSH folks, down to their new location at Orchard Gateway for a store opening party.

Yes, a part of me was thinking – What? Orchard Gateway? Where is that?!

As it turns out the little mall space that was perpetually under renovation somewhere between Orchard Central and 313? Well, yes that is where Orchard Gateway lies and if you ask me, it is a little bit tricky to describe how the mall is because a large part of it is still awaiting tenants and pretty lacking in human traffic.

That aside, I am also confused on how the landscape of it works because it is linked to Somerset station, yet also linked to Orchard Central…

Perplexing? I think so but all you have to know is… LUSH is there too!

The event was relatively run-of-the-mill, and I mean that by the usual introduction to their products and also a look at where everything is within their new store space.

I like that for some reason the whole store felt very spacious and roomy even though technically speaking it isn’t a huge square area either.

I think something about the glass panels on all sides, the bright lights and high ceiling really makes up for this illusion of space.

Here are some sweeps of the new store layout:

Did something glimmering and shiny catch your eye in the sweeps above?

Yes, you are indeed seeing what you think you are seeing – a tap!

In the prior LUSH stores, Suntec and Wisma, the issues they faced there would be getting a water supply since due to plumbing reasons they are not allowed to have a sink or running water within the shop. Thus, having an actual tap within the Orchard Gateway store is quite a big deal!

A very convenient deal for sure!

Everything within this new store has its own corner and I like how ‘spacious’ it feels. Sure the shop may appear lifted in appearance but the signature LUSH scent still hits you when you enter (it even wafts to the basement levels!) but for some reason the shop feels a lot less cluttered.

Perhaps the fact that most of their shelves are stacked a little higher here (hence reducing the need to clutter) helps with the cleaner display!

There was a little mingling before the store tour to give some of us an introduction to what LUSH carries as well as bubblin’ fun with bath bomb and bubble bar demonstrations.

All in all it was a really simple get-together that was really casual, laid-back and in good fun. We even had some super active fruit mascots dancing about the storefront! Kudos to them because it was really warm at Orchard Gateway.

So now if you happen to be at the opposite end of ION Orchard and need a dash to LUSH to stock up on some bath goodness, you now know where to go!

LUSH @ Gateway is located at #01-07
You can see the store from Orchard Central’s EwF

Thanks for reading and happy soapin’ up!

Benefit Sets Foot in the West – New Store at Westgate!

To say that Jurong is slowly and steadily becoming the town outside of town is true with new and rather well-stocked / assorted malls like JEM and Westgate sprouting out across what used to be plain lands just a few years ago.

I have never disclosed where I reside (I don’t think?) but I guess these days I can proudly say that I am a Westie – born and raised in the west coast. Pretty literally.

Though, back to the point of this entry.

If you are a west-sider and also a fan of Benefit be it their makeup products or their brow services, you would be glad to know that they have set foot in your turf and are sitting quite pretty in Westgate right now (beside Yves Rocher, another brand for another entry).

I popped down with Mabel (of Sheshopsmakeup) for a look-see at the cheer and fun of the store opening and it was quite an evening.

Apart from the cheery colors and decor befitting of Benefit, we had some cabaret performances, the official ribbon cutting along with a pair of chirpy hosts (Munah and Hirizi) who were perfectly in-character as Dr Feel Good and Honestleah.

Not forgetting, Benefit’s iconic mascot ‘Simone’ took to the stage for an opening address.

I think the Benefit team did a great job and went all out to amp up the mood and bring to life Benefit’s tongue-in-cheek personality along with the vibrant burst of colors.

The event was fairly straightforward and not too much for me to report about but it was a job well done and I believe the hectic day and nights of preparation for the store opening really paid off!

Once the ribbon cutting was officiated, we were unleashed upon let in to the store where we got to wander around, play with brand new testers (whoop!) and in the midst of all that, had a little questionnaire to complete for a shot at the Lucky Draw.

The questions were simple enough, pointing to their classics but it was fun no less. The hardest bit was probably this ‘silhouette wheel’ where you had to guess the product of the silhouette you landed on.

Thankfully I landed on a product that was easy to decipher at a glance (the Ultra Radiance Re-hydrating Mist) though upon closer inspection after, most of the silhouettes are quite possible to make out. Save for that one or two really tricky ones!

We played with a couple of photobooth props inbetween and had quite a laugh at the life-size inflatable mascara. I swear that sounds a lot more decent than it could come off.

In all, it was a fun evening and if you’re staying / working in the West region or heading there anytime soon, feel free to drop by the new and shiny Benefit boutique at Westgate (at #02-15)!

There is a dedicated Brow bar so if you are a fan of Benefit’s brow services, you will be glad to know that there is now a closer brow fix to you! Based on my knowledge the only other counters that they do brow services at would be ION Orchard and TANGS?

Overall, I had an enjoyable time at the store opening and am glad for a Benefit boutique closer to home. Probably not a wise thing to disclose but I do frequent the Jurong East area a fair bit on days we want to head out but aren’t too sure where to go.

I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Benefit and while it isn’t frequent, I have loved the products I have tried thus far (Porefessional and Gimme Brow) so do share, what are some of your Benefit loves?

Thanks for reading!