Swatches: MAC x The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles

While I’m not sure if this is still available for purchase at MAC Cosmetic branches at TANGS and Bugis (the 2 places that stocks MAC x The Simpsons collex), I’m just going to talk about it anyway.


If it makes you feel any better, in the scenario that it is out of stock (I heard it is but I’m not sure if any minor restock is going to happen…), the blush itself isn’t terribly unique though given that, it is one of those shades that are a true delight to wear because of how easy yet lovely it is once on.

Though I do believe that if you’ve got your sights set on this, you’re not looking at the blush as much but rather the packaging, right am I?

Described as a blue-based soft pink, the blush housed within this incredibly adorable compact is a shade that I’m not sure if Marge should be wearing against her so-very-yellow skintone but against most of ours, it should be quite a stunner.

Speaking of compacts, if you haven’t seen this in person, the compact case is slightly larger than MAC’s typical blush pans – more along the lines of their Beauty Powders so you get a little more product (at a little more of a cost) than their usual blushes.

The embossing of Marge in the blush pan is incredibly cute too and it does seem embossed deep enough that it would take some use before it blurs away.

The blush is a blush pink (hurhur) shade that applies softly on the skin, like a wash but with a nice evident flush. The slight blue-based quality to it helps to lend a brightening effect to the complexion. On my skin it seems to still be a rather natural warm flush but adds just that tinge of perkiness to my cheeks and complexion.

I believe this blush could work beautifully across most skintones (except Marge’s, I’m sorry gurl~) but deeper skintones may require more work for this to show up, given the sheer nature of it. It is build-able though, so if you don’t mind going back and forth, you can still werk it.

I like how easy a shade it is to wear on a day to day basis and given the soft pigmentation of it, you can’t quite go wrong with it. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to overdo but you have the option of going soft or going bold.

What lends this blush its cool edge is actually the faint blue-pink sparkles within, that adds a nice and barely detectable shine to the complexion when worn. It isn’t visible to the eye, less you take a magnifying glass to your face perhaps, but it helps with the overall finish and ‘glow’ of the blush.

When swatched, you’ll be able to see a nice shine imparted from the blush, perfect for giving you that glowy and fresh complexion!

Though this is viewing the swatch up close and with the camera flash (see, told you I’m having tricky lighting issues at my parents place).

On the skin, it’s a subtle flush that gives you a nice healthy complexion without looking like much. Enough talk, here are pictures!

Incase you’re wondering, for the contour I have going on, I used an old ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Duo I managed to dig up. I used the bronzer as a contour, for a warmer change from the MUFE Sculpting Kit I brought.

So anyway… that’s a detour.

So here you have it, the very beautiful and highly wearable Pink Sprinkles blush that while isn’t extremely unique, it is one that is nice to have. Especially so with the The Simpsons packaging!

While I’m not a Simpsons fan, as I had said, I do find MAC’s take on this collection very darling and everything was done well – the packaging design, the colors used etc.

It definitely has made me, a non-Simpsons fan (never was quite a fan of the show) want to collect the pieces and admire the compact case.

Enough said, if you’d like to get your hands on some Simpsons pieces, I suggest your hurry down to MAC now!

The Simpsons collection is Limited Edition and only available at MAC TANGS and Bugis.

The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles retails for S$42

Thanks for reading!

TGIF, I can’t say how glad I am that the weekend has finally rolled by! I feel like I haven’t been productive enough on here and IG as well because lighting conditions are truly tricky. It’s back to the old regimen of weekends being product shooting days because of my reliance on the sun (and even then grrrr, shifty sunlight) so, lets see how much we can get out of this weekend yes? I hate to say this, but I do miss my lamp (that I  use to shoot pics with at the inlaws place).

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