GIVEAWAY – More Hello Kitty Love!

Are you a Hello Kitty fan?

Well even if you aren’t don’t go away because I assure you, you can’t resist this beautiful ornament that I am about to giveaway.

It is great as a center-piece or just placing it somewhere along your shelves / table / house to brighten the whole place up. That is the beauty about these cute little pots from {Flipping Notes} and whats more, this is Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty!

Period, that speaks enough.

So anyway, I recently held a {Hello Kitty Pansy} Giveaway on my instagram and now I have another to giveaway for all my readers on the blog!

I know I am having some RSS-issues right now (if you are subscribed to me via RSS-feed stuff, you’re not getting emails / notifs) but hopefully word gets about enough for those kitty lovers to catch wind of this.

As always, you can hop over to my blog on Bloglovin’ and not miss a thing anymore! :)


The Giveaway!

Okay back to this.

All you have to do to take part is:

  1. Follow {Flipping Notes} on their Facebook Page
  2. Comment below with your love for Hello Kitty (really just an “I love Hello Kitty!” would do)
  3. Drop me your email within the comment as well
  4. Voila~ Keep your fingers crossed and wait!

p.s. This Giveaway is only open to those residing within Singapore.

The winner will be picked randomly and if you are the lucky winner I will then enquire for your Facebook Name to cross check if you have indeed liked {Flipping Notes}, just for formality sake so your privacy will be kept :)

It’s not that hard right?

So, if you are a Kitty Fan, what are you waiting for!


Contest ends: 25th July 2014.

Good luck everyone and thanks!

Support Earth Hour with The Body Shop

Did you know that it is Earth Hour this coming Saturday (29th March)?

Earth Hour is becoming quite a thing these days with brands picking up the concept and showing their own little brand of awareness towards this global cause. I typically frown upon these gimmicks but I guess I wouldn’t mind a good cause getting some mainstream attention.

After all, the issue we face with the over-consumption of electricity all the way down to wasting our precious resources to fuel our desires of staying up all night (till the wee hours) and keeping the lights on the whole time, is a very real situation.

So as I was saying…

The Body Shop has been a regular supporter of this movement for all of its 5 years and this year is no exception.

If you’re wondering, how do you get on board with this support and, at the same time, get a little extra somethin’ somethin’ for yourself, well here’s how.

Pledge to Go Green

Partnering with the Earth Hour Digital Card, The Body Shop will be rewarding people who have pledged to go green. From now till 2nd May, for every download of the Earth Hour Digital Card (details below), the card owner will get to purchase TBS’s eco-friendly Rainforest Shampoo or Conditioner (250ml) at a mere price of S$10!

What’s more if a card owner can convince 5 more friends to pledge their support (I’m assuming there’s a referral factor to this), the card owner will get to enjoy a S$10 shopping voucher too! The more the merrier, y’all!

What’s (even) more, sign up to be The Body Shop’s Love Your Body™ Club member now and receive 10 additional points when you shop with them!

It’s really easy to ‘sign up’ for a Earth Digital Card, simply follow the instructions on the image below (standard messaging rates apply, no additional cost).

And here’s me getting it done, just to show you how simple it is!

And voila~

Lights Out!

All that perks aside, of course, The Body Shop will be dimming their stores by shutting off their non-essential lights so don’t be alarmed if you’re shopping mid-way and the lights go out!

So with all that said, head on down to The Body Shop to get in the mood with the Earth Hour happenings and don’t forget too, to do your part and put out the lights for an hour on 29th March (Saturday) from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

While that is for all formalities of the Earth Hour event, lets also remember to put out the lights if we don’t need them and do our part to conserve electricity on a regular basis, Earth Hour or not.

Thanks for reading!