Dropping In To Say “Hello” & Some Random Rambling Thoughts

Yes, hello you guys!

I know I’m still posting relatively regularly, of course not as frequent as before but enough for you to know I’m still alive (ha). However, because time is packed these days I haven’t been able to plan and craft up impromptu entries and my agenda is always to get brand mentions up so I do sense that my blog has definitely become sponsored features after sponsored features.

Though a quick disclaimer, sponsored meaning I get the product to try but I receive no moolah at all. I aim to keep my blog a hobby with no obligations to brands so I don’t accept paid deals cause… you know, that comes with obligations. Usually.

So anyway, while I mentioned I have no obligations to brands often times I still am excited to try out products they have sent and share my opinions on here in hopes that my thoughts are helpful and informative for those considering a purchase. That said, I still don’t manage to get around to featuring everything that I get and I’ll admit I do have some biaseness for certain products or gravitate towards certain brands but slowly and surely most things will have their place on this site.

Not everything I get, but most things…

I know a constant stream of sponsored posts are becoming quite a norm that no one really points it out or cares anymore but I figured I would like to address it anyway – that regardless of content, everything here is still largely me and my honest opinions. I wish I did have a little more time to construct candid, fun and slightly more random beauty-related posts cause I do miss that myself but bear with me for now while I clear out my backlogs and mentions and have zilch time / brain power for that for now.


Moving on a little to just random life stuff…

Where work is concerned, all’s good. Of course New Job is as busy and bustling as I had imagined but not scarily so. It saps my time and mind enough to take me away from my blog for the most part but you guys still catch me on here now and then so… I guess it means it hasn’t completely taken over my life.

That’s good, right?

Ha, well okay… anyway this entry is random and I just wanted to drop in and ramble a little because I feel like I haven’t had the time or capacity to do that amidst the small little pockets of time I get – and when I get those pockets I’m always scurrying about thinking what I can quickly shoot or edit, or write / review.

So yes. I’m really glad to just sit down and word-vomit. So to speak.

I was just done with a major life update (at that point) which was New Job and thinking about it I kinda overhyped it up a bit with my worry and apprehension towards it because I’m facing another Life Update situation but I’ll get to that again shortly.

All in due time ;)

Meanwhile, thank you again to everyone for sticking by me and reading this wordy ramble about absolutely nothing at all. Heh!

I’ll see you all as soon as I can! In the mean time, you can always catch me over on Instagram!


Thanks for reading! ♥

The Icky Skin Moment…

Another post about absolutely nothing. No, really.

I should get into the swing of things now but I hate to say it, I think the laze of the Holiday period hasn’t quite shaken off me, even at work. Even though I’m dishing out emails and setting up files for print and web etc (I design at work), I still feel this lull about me, like I’m dragging my feet about through the day and all – how annoying.

I wish there was a pill to take to shake off the procrastination and sluggishness and to just get the brain into the full swing of things! Yeah, caffeine hasn’t been able to thus far either.

But anyhoo, this post is about my ailing skin condition right now and I have no darned idea why. My skin is failing on me and frankly, it isn’t that bad. It’s just a couple of spots popping up (like freaking all over…) but thankfully they aren’t scabby or have burst into a hot itchy mess on my skin etc.

They’re just bumpy and a little irritated, some itch when I perspire. Ugh, it’s all just so gross and throwing me off putting makeup on. I mean, I don’t know how I used to do it cause I know my skin used to be less than perfect, bumpy and all but I threw on makeup (crazy thick foundation too, eugh) as per normal.

These few days I’ve been going easy with sunblock and tinted moisturizer. I try to dress my lids up and keep the cheeks and lips natural cause I don’t want to draw attention to my skin and all.

Long story short, I want to do looks for you but I’m just feeling too icky about it. I have some that I had snapped before my sudden skin eruption (that happened over this weekend) so I’ll still post those up in the meanwhile and hope my skin gets better by then!

I think this outbreak is likely due to hormones getting out of hand because I’m not using anything new nor have I eaten anything random enough to cause allergies – and yes hormones but no not pregnant, I checked (tmi, but incase anyone asked).

So yes, I hope it’s my skin purging the bad of 2014 and welcoming 2015 with a new skin or something. Super lame, I know but that’s optimism, right? Heh!

Incase you’re wondering, no pictures obviously because zits aren’t pretty things to show but really, it isn’t that bad either.


Tell me, does anyone have tips on soothing irritated and bumpy skin? To rid the itch or to maybe help dry the spots up? I’m using Ettusais’s spot treatment now but these buggers are tenacious! Which means it’s hormones right?

But it doesn’t stop them from being so annoying :(

On a happier note, I solved one problem and that being the red eye syndrome you’ve seen on the blog (in LOTDs especially). I dropped by the clinic and am referred to see a specialist but until then I’ve got these amazing eye drops that get rid of redness in a *snap*.


Random ramble aside, I promise more beauty entries soon, here’s a preview of my first 2015 ‘launch / goodies’ post to come!

Okie dokes, I’m gonna go restart my brain for the umpteenth time and hope it’s on the right track this time!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Birthday My Man!

Okay, it’s embarrassing doing an entry like this… like what am I now, talking about my life on here?

Heh, but I just figured a shoutout wouldn’t hurt, not that he really cares either because he doesn’t read my blog – why would he – so this is just for my own benefit really. Whatever sort of a benefit that may be.

So, I guess I never was the sort to write too much about my life outside of the blog. There are snippets and mentions of baby and hubs but nothing in detail really and any aspect of my life I divulge is always in co-relation to the blog.

Things like, I’m temporarily staying at my parents place so maybe the background is different, maybe entries are lessened, things like that.

Anyone remember those photobombs from years back? Yeap, he’s still at it…

I hardly talk about my life outside of the blog, I guess it’s because I always feel a little awkward about it – sharing, over sharing?

Plus the fact that everyone being so used to social media and social sharing doesn’t make it any less dangerous! You’re putting your life and information on the web for the whole wide world to see, y’anno?

But anyway, a little birthday shoutout could hurt noone, so here’s one.

Thank you Hubs for all you’ve done and supporting my blogging hobby though deep down inside I know you feel it’s a waste of time (and space, with my boxes of products piling up in your study).

I’m thankful I have a hubs that is, in some ways, vain so we get to share that aspect of skin maintenance together and he’s always open to me trying new products on him, masking or even doing facial / massage sessions with him!

The frivolous aside, he is constantly growing and bettering himself at being a dad, learning to handle Baby K even better than I do these days and it makes me happy to see the amount of effort he’s putting into the family.

So much so, that at this point of time while it’s still too personal to really say for sure we are thinking of a Number 2, so people can stop asking.

We are thinking but we’re still preparing ourselves mentally and I guess that includes Baby K too. We’ve seen her interact with a fresh new baby cousin and I think it’s proof enough that she’s ready to be an elder sister – she’s so helpful and loving. Though her intentions are there her methods could use more refining, ha!


Though anyway, this entry has gone awfully off topic with the main point of it, just to wish my man (whom you’ve seen some cameo appearances on my blog and instagram in the past) a very very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for always being so awesome and fun!

Happy Birthday Hubs,
may you always be young at heart!

Purple Divider

And thank for reading this extremely off topic post, if you have.

Take it as a bit of a ramble, to maybe talk that mental clog out. I seem to have this issue these days where perhaps I expect too much of myself and when entries just aren’t at that optimum fluidity I start to get frustrated when in truth it’s still not too bad an entry if I write with this mild clog. I guess I’m also a little confused on how I should establish myself. I’ve been toggling between fairly proper and summed up and of late, a little crazy and off-topic which I seem to be enjoying these days.

Though tell me, what do you think?

Is simple and straightforward (head in the for the kill kind of entries) better for you, or do you like the personality and humor ones more?

I guess I’m fine either ways, just as long as I get my mojo back… What is up with you, fleeting word-inspiration.

Okay, forreal, I’ll go now, bye!

A Blog Update – It’s An Icon Thing!

So… I recently discovered a little thing to this Theme that I am using here on WordPress. Based on the ‘Format’ that I select, which oddly enough doesn’t seem to have an effect on the actual format of the post, the little icons atop the entry will change!

Now it’s very frivolous and largely visual but I was thinking that it could serve as a good visual cue to segment my posts. That is if you are viewing my blog from the web because the mobile (and blog reader) versions are displayed without that icon.

For the most of you who are popping by my site from mobile, blog readers or those who never took much notice to the post ‘headers’, here’s what I am talking about!

So frankly… I don’t have any idea why I am discussing this revelation on here because I don’t intend to start tagging every single post in detail (less I forget which one belongs to what myself) but it is a nice option and thought to be able to.

For now, I have only dedicated one other symbol to another purpose that being the ‘speaker’ for Giveaways and Promotions.

In a way, even though I know it’s a volume icon, it looks like some loud hailer of sorts so… I guess that works? Plus it stands out being grey, amidst the usual black headers.

Incase you’re wondering, the one right at the top (darkest black) is the usual design for ‘standard’ posts, which is almost all my posts.


Though these little things are inspiring me a little to start posting more random snippets. Would you all like quick sneaky shots, like previews maybe, of upcoming posts before I actually post about it with fullout information, rambles and all?

For example if I were talking about a palette, I would spam palette pictures and swatches first and then tag that to the Camera icon under a ‘Sneak Peak’ sort of title? And then a proper Review post to come where I discuss the palette, textures and all?

I guess that’s most ideal for those who are here for the images more than my rambles.

I don’t know what to do with these yet but… I guess it’s nice having that little toggling option and I’m loving this theme a little more (than I already am) now. If anyone has any cool suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!

On My Nails: piCture pOlish’s Blue Dog + A Whole Lotta Rambles!

Who knew that you’d find dogs at sea!

Pardon the randomness of that sentence and here, let me explain…

According to piCture pOlish, their nail color Blue Dog (which is a lacuqer in collaboration with Vampy Varnish) is termed to be the wolf pack of the sea.

Now, I don’t really know what that means but what I do know is that this is one gorgeous, gorgeous color.

On that note, if someone can explain to me the definition of a wolf pack of the sea that would be awesome. I am still trying to comprehend the association and also relevance of Blue Dog to that… Do they mean dog as in wolves and then blue being the sea? Cause that’s a lot of cheese going on in some small sentence.

So about the color, as gorgeous as it is this is one annoying bugger to photograph. It also happens to be one of those polishes that  look better in the bottle because it’s just that much more shimmery, sparkly and pretty.

Once on the nails, the shimmers do seem a little flatter and more microscopic given that we wouldn’t be holding our hands up to our faces most of the time but when you are going about doing your thing and an itty bitty piece of teal-blue shimmer catches the light and sparkles at you, it is quite a lovely sight.

For the most part, this polish applies well and is nicely opaque in 2 coats (1 will give you a translucent grey-ish base with shimmers suspended within). The brush that comes with is easy to work with and the polish seems to be lasting quite well on my hands even though they are about a week old now.

As for the color, it is a little hard to describe being a little blue and a little grey at the same time. If anything, it is almost like a greyish deep blue? In these shots it does appear a little light but in person, depending on lighting conditions, it looks a little darker.

Though regardless it is a lovely color to don and it is easy to match any outfit or situation. The shimmer bits are really fine too, so they don’t hinder the removal process and come off quite easily.

So, okay, the point of putting up a nail entry is so I don’t type a whole load of words so I think I’ll stop here.

Purple Divider

Of Suits Season 3, Battery Chargers & Mad Work Week…

Remember when I kept complaining about the word block issue that I was facing. About how I really wanted to write and mention about a zillion and one things but somehow when I actually got down to it no words would reach me and I’m left hanging, trying to paint a portrait of my mind with absolutely nothing?

Okay, I exaggerate but that does sum up the situation very well from my perspective.

Thankfully, that seems to have passed… a little. I still feel a little stumped for inspiration and when it comes to writing a certain type of entry but I think it’s not too bad now, words seem to be coming back to me…

I do attribute a little of this brain revival to the recent Suits marathon I had undergone.


I had spoken out Suits, way back along with Outsourced, and since then it’s been awhile since I had gotten my Suits fix and boy was it good to marathon whatever was left of Season 2 along with Season 3.

Though now I am a whole pile of anxiety because all of the western dramas I have been catching are in the works and I have nothing to see – Egads! No Walking Dead, no Orphan Black, no Orange is the New Black… I think I’ll have to get back to where I left off on Penny Dreadful.

That or Running Man…


In other news, I’ve finally gotten my hands on the XiaoMi battery pack!

I finally have juice on the go! Though frankly my iPhone 5S’s battery is still quite alright but there are some days I have to be out the whole time without any access to a USB or powerpoint and during those days, I die.

Or rather, my phone dies.

So I’ve been on the lookout for a powerbank for awhile and all my friends (along with reviews online and basically the whole world – almost) recommends this or sings praises about it. Given it is fairly inexpensive, okay… I mean dirt cheap, I had to pick it up to give it a go.

At the price of of S$13.99 for a 10,400 mAh charger, what’s more is there to consider!

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t used this fella yet, though I have been good and charged it up proper but given the madness at work to come – next week is a full out events week at work so, a lot of running around and moving things around, screaming at people… all in a days work – I think I’ll be able to properly put this to the test and hope it keeps me well-juiced up for the whole day of being in contact with people and running around!

So if you are looking about for a new juice pack, go give Xiaomi a look. Typically they restock every Tuesday at 12pm but it’s best to just check their Facebook page for more information.


So with that said, this entry has gone on long enough and I’ve also wrapped up another point about this week being mad so, I’ll see you when I see you alright but don’t expect much to come for this period and perhaps a little after while we unpack and get the whole post-event kinks ironed out.

I can’t wait to get this period over and done with! I swear every year I dread yet love (cause it’s quite fulfilling an event, really) this 1 week of September…

Are you a Suits fanatic?

Are you a XiaoMi User? Frankly their phones are not too bad (hubs has one)!