Announcing 2015’s Pantone Color Of the Year!

Okay, I hate to break the continuous thread of Naked On the Run articles but this just came in (to me, at least) and I’m too stoked about it to be chill and post it after I’m done with my Naked runs (geddit, hurhur?) so, here you go folks:

2015’s Pantone Color of the Year!

The official name of it is Marsala and it’s a reddish brown tone that I can imagine would look beautiful translated to all commercial aspects of makeup x pantone collaborations.

Ha, well sorry for that note but truth is as a graphic designer my encounters with the Pantone color system go back way to schooling days and my association with Pantones are really more work based than fun or exciting and new – because sifting out a pantone to properly translate CMYK and RGB to can really be quite a pain…

But modern commercialization has made Pantone quite, well, commercial such that the Color Of the Year gets its fair share of collaborations and spotlights and for that I really don’t mind. It’s like introducing the world to the term and idea of Pantones so at least everyone is one step closer to being on the same page of understanding color!


So anyway, back to Marsala. I’m not sure if Sephora still has that contract with Pantone but if so, I’ll be looking forward to all the great things they would be able to launch with this beautiful red-brown.

Red browns are my absolute favorites be it in an eyeshadow form, a blush, or even a lip color. I can totally see myself decked out from head to toe (okay, actually from eyelids to lips) in red-brown and not look over the top.

I think you can tell by now, I’m pretty excited about this color taking the spotlight, what say you?


Thanks for reading!