Off to Japan! Sakuras, Wait for Me!

Oh my gosh! I’m in Japan with Sakuras all around!

Check out the beautiful Sakuras! Don’t you wish you were here?

They’re everywhere!!!


What do you mean you don’t believe I’m in Japan and the Sakuras are fake?

The Sakuras are disappearing?

I’ve got Sakura all over me?

What? Pfffft.


You mean like this?

Okay fine… I wasn’t in Japan and the Sakuras weren’t real. They were an image I took off Google Images, bah!

But but but but, you know what?

I am heading to Japan! Like now, right now, as you’re reading this, I’m on the flight there (or am already there)!

No kidding! I even painted my nails proper for this!

Nails featured on Instagram here.

So bye peeps! I’ll let my blog take a break from the churning for a bit and I’ll check back with you when I’m back (on 13th April)!

Though meanwhile, if you’d like to follow my adventures in Japan (somewhat), you can find me on Instagram at @icyabstract! I’ll be tuning in when I get wifi hot spots or spamming once I get back to the hotel, I believe. I haven’t decided if I wanted to get any form of data on-the-go or a wifi router yet.

If I do, I do, but otherwise it’s nice to go offline and just soak in the atmosphere of being in such a beautiful city with such a rich history.

Btw, did I mention it’s my first time in the land of the rising sun? Yippee!

So stoked! I’ll catch you guys around!

Thanks for reading this semi-craycray post!