Zap Cellulite (On Tummy or Thighs) with Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster Treatment – Quick & Pain-free!

To put this in the context of time, I popped by ClearSK the day after my return from Bali and what better way to ease myself back into work and the grind than an indulgent face and body pampering treatment, yes?


I’m putting this up a little belatedly (as with all my posts to come) because I’ve been busy clearing up at work – last few days and all – so don’t mind me and my backlog here! I’ll be splitting my ClearSK treatments up into 2 entries, this one about the body cellulite treatment and I’ll talk about my facial session in another post that is coming right up!

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner why not have some double happiness (shuang xi, a chinese term for the auspicious mood), right? Ha

Plus in another auspicious / joyous angle of Chinese New Year, I have 20 free Cellulite Buster sessions up for grabs so read on till the end!


Now… cellulite is a thing that plagues a lot of us and while the skinny ones may be able to shun from the obvious look of cellulite, it’s still something that they’re not spared from. Those cursed dimples on the thighs once you’re seated *shakes first*.

There are a couple of remedies floating around like dry brushing and also a multitude of products that you can use though none that I’ve really taken to because of how sensitive my skin (especially my legs) is due to another cursed condition, eczema.

While it seems like cellulite isn’t something most people pursue to fix first – it’s usually always hair and face pamper or body massages, yes? – it is something that imminently comes to mind when we’re faced with the situation of having to don a swimsuit or perhaps dying to fit into that mini skirt / shorts / dress.

While there are many listed causes to cellulite, it is usually a combination of factors such as the lack of exercise, excess intake of toxins (from ahem eating junkfood, especially over Chinese New Year…), and just the continual build up of fat under the skin.

So, while most may have the impression that Cellulite treatments come with a little discomfort and perhaps those with sensitive skin, like I have, may think that such body treatments will aggravate the skin too much, I’m actually happy to share that my experience with Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster was quick, enjoyable and my eczema didn’t feel aggravated after either!


I know it’s a whole lot of words here but there really isn’t much to show (without it being TMI) so I’ll run through the treatment with more words and if you’re interested I hope it’s helpful enough!

The Cellulite Buster treatment over at Clear SK mainly uses one machine – the Velashape II.


This machine is quite awesome in that it combines 3 different modes of treatment in each pass:

  • There is a bi-polar RF which helps to tighten and lift the skin
  • Infrared to help zap and shrink fat cells / fat cell chambers to lessen that dimpled effect you get with cellulite
  • Lastly as the machine runs over your body there’s a suction sensation from the vacuum and mechanical massage which helps to stimulate your body’s lymphatic system and increase metabolism of the fatty layer to promote shrinkage of the fat cells.

This movement of the massage along with the warmth of the RF and infrared treatment also increases the blood circulation and also stirs collagen production so the idea of this whole treatment is to target, zap and sap the fatty cells while toning your skin up through RF and maintaining that toned appearance with collagen production.


Image courtesy of Google, not me again

While it sounds like a lot is going on during the session, what you’ll be required to do is simply lie there while the therapist rolls the device’s head over your problem areas. Depending on the severity of your concern, the treatment typically lasts 10 minutes per body part.


My concern was how I had cellulite along the back of my thighs and a little around the bum portion so each thigh / bum portion received 10 minutes of attention from the machine and in all the procedure itself only took 20 minutes.

I felt no pain or discomfort, in fact the suction / massage of the device rolling across the skin feels quite enjoyable. If anything, I almost felt a little sadistic and glad because it really seemed as if those icky cellulite fats were being sucked out but of course it’s not done so literally since this is a non-invasive procedure.

Grey Divider

After the quick session was done, I was left to change back to my clothes – super duper quick really – and I took the change to really check out my pins.

Of course with one session you’re not going to see anything life-changing but I did feel like my thigh area seemed a little firmer and the dimples are definitely less present.

Cue mandatory squeezing thigh picture but really, the lifted feeling is more evident for yourself and when seen in person.


Of course if I sit a certain way there are still shadows of some of them but treatments like these do take continual maintenance especially because cellulite is recurring. No matter how much you’ve gotten rid of it the first time, its bound to creep back over time.

This cursed thing, cellulite!

While the treatment itself wasn’t painful, I did find myself with some light bruises over certain areas of my thighs when I got home. I bruise quite easily but it’s still worth noting so try not to the this treatment right before a big day, less you’ll get bruises over your thighs / problem areas!


So, that’s all said and done and let me leave you with a shot I don’t typically take of myself cause it’s so over the top, mildly TMI and frankly it doesn’t really show much either but… whatever, too many words so I gotta throw up a picture, right?


I’m definitely glad to have been introduced to this treatment and glad to know that there is such a quick, easy and relaxing method at zapping away at cellulite. While I still believe there are things we can do for ourselves to fight cellulite – like exercising and eating cleaner – they don’t prevent it entirely as well so it’s nice to know that we have this ‘aesthetic’ option to give us a helping hand and immediate boost!

What’s more after all the sinful feasting and snacking over Chinese New Year, it’s good to give your skin a little tightening and zapping to rid that sluggishnes and feel afresh!

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GIVEAWAY! – Free Cellulite Buster For the First 20!

In the joyous mood of Chinese New Year, ClearSK is offering 20 readers a FREE Cellulite Buster treatment!

It is incredibly generous of them and all you have to do is fill up this form (and select Cellulite Buster at the last option, OR the facial should you want that) and hit submit! If you’re amongst the first 20 to have submitted, Clear SK will contact you with regards on how to claim your voucher.

Disclaimer: I have no access to that form and contact / selections are made from Clear SK’s end :)


Thanks for reading!

Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster Treatment is available at S$340 per session or S$1458 for a package of 6 (pricing as of this date).

Visit this page for a list of Clear SK’s locations!

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The Icky Skin Moment…

Another post about absolutely nothing. No, really.

I should get into the swing of things now but I hate to say it, I think the laze of the Holiday period hasn’t quite shaken off me, even at work. Even though I’m dishing out emails and setting up files for print and web etc (I design at work), I still feel this lull about me, like I’m dragging my feet about through the day and all – how annoying.

I wish there was a pill to take to shake off the procrastination and sluggishness and to just get the brain into the full swing of things! Yeah, caffeine hasn’t been able to thus far either.

But anyhoo, this post is about my ailing skin condition right now and I have no darned idea why. My skin is failing on me and frankly, it isn’t that bad. It’s just a couple of spots popping up (like freaking all over…) but thankfully they aren’t scabby or have burst into a hot itchy mess on my skin etc.

They’re just bumpy and a little irritated, some itch when I perspire. Ugh, it’s all just so gross and throwing me off putting makeup on. I mean, I don’t know how I used to do it cause I know my skin used to be less than perfect, bumpy and all but I threw on makeup (crazy thick foundation too, eugh) as per normal.

These few days I’ve been going easy with sunblock and tinted moisturizer. I try to dress my lids up and keep the cheeks and lips natural cause I don’t want to draw attention to my skin and all.

Long story short, I want to do looks for you but I’m just feeling too icky about it. I have some that I had snapped before my sudden skin eruption (that happened over this weekend) so I’ll still post those up in the meanwhile and hope my skin gets better by then!

I think this outbreak is likely due to hormones getting out of hand because I’m not using anything new nor have I eaten anything random enough to cause allergies – and yes hormones but no not pregnant, I checked (tmi, but incase anyone asked).

So yes, I hope it’s my skin purging the bad of 2014 and welcoming 2015 with a new skin or something. Super lame, I know but that’s optimism, right? Heh!

Incase you’re wondering, no pictures obviously because zits aren’t pretty things to show but really, it isn’t that bad either.


Tell me, does anyone have tips on soothing irritated and bumpy skin? To rid the itch or to maybe help dry the spots up? I’m using Ettusais’s spot treatment now but these buggers are tenacious! Which means it’s hormones right?

But it doesn’t stop them from being so annoying :(

On a happier note, I solved one problem and that being the red eye syndrome you’ve seen on the blog (in LOTDs especially). I dropped by the clinic and am referred to see a specialist but until then I’ve got these amazing eye drops that get rid of redness in a *snap*.


Random ramble aside, I promise more beauty entries soon, here’s a preview of my first 2015 ‘launch / goodies’ post to come!

Okie dokes, I’m gonna go restart my brain for the umpteenth time and hope it’s on the right track this time!

Thanks for reading!

Skin Rambles – My Current Skincare Routine & Eczema Battling

Hello you guys!

Hope everyone is doing well amidst our insanely warm and stuffy weather of late. Without a doubt, the hot and humid months are upon us. As if Singapore isn’t hot and humid enough already!

Nonetheless, this heat, humidity and stuffiness isn’t the only thing dampening my moods as I seem to be slipping into a state of constant drab-ness. I have been feeling so lackluster and uninspired of late, not just for the blog but at work and all. It seems like my well of ‘creative juices’ had dried up in the heat and I’m left with nothing but a void of words and a constant distracted / uninterested feeling.

I hate this phase I am going through right now but I would like to think that perhaps it is just fatigue and the amount of workload getting to me – too much to think about my mind can’t seem to calm down enough to process my own thoughts.

Regardless, I just wanted to ramble aimlessly about nothing at all but yet about something in particular. It feels soothing to do this without having to assure that my rambles must be of a certain standard hence, right now, here I am taking the mic to ramble on about what I am currently using on my skin.

Are you interested to know? It can get a little lengthy, as if it isn’t already, hurhur.

So… skin!

Well, starting with skincare, I have been using the Jet Concepts Liquid Laser skincare for a good while and while that yielded pretty good results – I do genuinely see my skin recovering from zits and spots much quicker – my skin has been craving something a little milder, simpler and thirst-quenching.

With that, I have since popped back to my L’OCCITANE Angelica skincare routine because, as I had mentioned, this is a fail-proof, mild and great way for me to treat my skin to nothing but moisture and a gentle healing process.

It’s a great way to ‘cleanse my skin’s palate’ in a sense, in between any strong serums or harsh infusions I may be using.

Here’s a run down of what I am using in my current simple and fresh skincare routine:

  • Angelica Transparent Face Soap (not pictured, but see here)
  • Angelica Face Toner
  • Iris Angelica Essence Sublime (bottle #2!)
  • Angelica Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel
  • Oshairee White Wrinkle Filler Eye Ampoule

Most of the stuff I am using now have been featured on my blog at one point or another though there are some new-comers and contenders to this routine.

First of all, the Angelica Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel are new additions to the L’OCCITANE Angelica skincare range, set to replace the current Hydration Cream (that will be discontinued).

I will be talking about these proper in an entry to come but these cream and gel variants feature the good ole Angelica infusions (water, root oil etc), along with an inclusion of an extra nourishing ingredient.

All that, coupled with a new, light-weight and refreshing formulation, these are said to get along better with Singapore’s climate while still providing your skin with the same dose of hydration and a soft veil of protection.

Another new thing to my routine would be this Oshairee White Wrinkle Filler Eye Ampoule!

I am actually quite excited about using this because the people that have recommended it to me sing praises about it and how it does help with puffiness around the eye area and of course easing soft lines / wrinkles.

Unbeknown to many, fine-lines and creeping wrinkles about my eye area is actually a huge concern of mine. It isn’t noticeable from a distance (thankfully) but they are there and you will get to see them in due time, when I put my entry about this product up. I am still in the midst of testing it so I can’t speak for its efficacy just yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Though the serum aside, I absolutely love the cooling roller-ball applicator used to dispense and massage on the eye serum. It makes it an absolute joy to use and I can easily look past any hygiene concerns I might otherwise have. It’s just too nice an applicator!

So anway, all that to come in due time but for now, at least here’s an idea of what I am using on my face as of now!

Face aside, I have been facing some skin woes and eczema annoyance of late.

That’s the reason why you see some redness and bumps on my fingers in some pictures and if you have seen me in person of late you would notice bumps and rash along my legs.

It’s really not pretty but I have been plagued by eczema my whole life that I am quite accustomed to this. Though of late they have been worsening to the point of the ‘outbreaks’ not even getting better.

Those familiar with eczema would know the rash typically comes and goes but this time around it has been coming and not going. In fact it seemed to be getting worst so I knew something had to be done and arranged a session with the National Skin Centre.

I haven’t gone there since I was 10!

I was prescribed a round of Fucicort (steroid cream with anti-biotic) and a milder step-down cream for when things got better, as well as a QV Flare Up wash because I had already put myself on a Cetaphil routine, the doc didn’t prescribe that for me.

So yes… after a few days my skin is certainly seeing a great improvement! I don’t want to speak too soon (like I always do) but… if this keeps up I’ll be back to nail swatching business in no time, yippee!

p.s. I don’t swatch my nails when my eczema is bad because removing polish is a pain, a true pain with the polish remover in contact with my rash and whatnot.

All you neglected bottles of polish, mama is coming for you real soon! Just hang tight!

You guys too, I’ll be back in action once I iron down this madness at work (I keep repeating myself, ha) but hopefully with that out of the way my mind can be more focused and calm in churning out posts.

Thanks for hanging by and thanks for reading, I’ll catch up again real soon!

Angelica duties – More Giveaways & More Angelica Comin' Right Up!

I haven’t been a very good Angelica Angel of late with my schedule and being way too busy / distracted to lay down some Angelica news for you all so I shall go ahead and spam it up in the coming May!

After all, I have some exciting news about changes to come to the Angelica skincare range!

Though, before that I should properly introduce you all to the remaining members of the Angelica skincare family!

Though the image above is an Angelica haul comprising of newbies as well as stockups – the likes of Iris Angelica’s Sublime Essence (I love) and Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid (hubs loves).

I’m sure you have all met the new and elegant older sister that is Iris Angelica, as well as the vibrant and spunky youngin, Angelica Lemon. Needless to say you are all a little acquainted with the standard products within the stable and always-there-for-you Angelica range… though there’s more!

Unmentioned in all my previous Angelica product round ups would be these little fellas – the Hydrating Mask, Gentle Face Exfoliator as well as a bar of Angelica Face Soap (my absolute favvvvvv item right now)!

I’ve been giving these items a run over the past few weeks and will be sharing my thoughts about them all real soon – with giveaways to come as well!

So stick around and find out more about what the L’OCCITANE Angelica household has to offer!

The L’OCCITANE Angelica range is a permanent skincare line. Check them out any L’OCCITANE store island-wide.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. I do owe you all some other stuff (Japan haul – small but exciting for me) as well but give me a while alright! This week has been brutal in all aspects be it work or home-matters (e.g. sorting and packing) as well as a little – though not so little – assignment I have undertaken which will lead to baby’s apperance on here again. So… stay tuned for it all, alright!