Rounding Up 2014 on Icyabstract!

Hello again!

As we count down to the new year, 2015, let’s have a look at the highlights and happenings of 2014!

In some ways, I’m really glad for this blog because it allows me to look back at different phases of my life as I continually pen down my thoughts through the day.

Albeit it is about makeup but each product and each entry triggers a thought and memory of the period when I was writing the entry and while my goldfish memory can’t recall well enough what I had experienced through the whole year, this recap is good enough for me to sum up some highlights in the beauty realm (on this space) and also bring to mind certain events and situations that were referenced.

Let’s have a look at the year of the horse (my year), 2014, shall we?

For the benefit of some, I have inserted ‘(➡︎)’ to indicate outgoing links because the link color difference isn’t very major with this current template of mine.

  • A little sad to say but I had a bit of a frustrating start to the year, and ranted about it (➡︎) but it all worked out along the way!
  • Another sponsorship for Baby and it’s pampers this time! I documented a couple of episodes (➡︎) of it and it’s nice to look back at how small and baby-ish she was then! She’s such a big girl now.
  • Discovered (because I was sent) a truly beautiful scent (➡︎) from L’Occitane that I’m glad to have in my stash. It has also piqued my interest for all things Neroli scented from here on.
  • Celebrated turning 24 (➡︎) with a spankin’ new gear (Olympus EM10!!) and of course lovely makeup pieces from my dear girls (Sophia, Mabel & Eliza!)
  • The move (➡︎) to this spankin’ new place. This is probably one of the best things I’ve done for my blog thus far, apart from the Olympus EM10 that is.
  • One of Lancôme’s biggest launch of the year (➡︎) – their swan-neck Grandiôse mascara that took the makeup world by storm with both the way it works and the way it looks.
  • Starting the K-Drama segment with this little post (➡︎) because I just needed an outlet to rant and ramble about what I’m currently obsessed with (watching).
  • The year I took really good care of my skin through loads of facial sessions. I think I got really lucky with this. I can’t link to just one but here’s the facial tag (➡︎) should you want to read more!
  • Allowed myself to be introduced to The Entertainer (➡︎) via an event and I will say, it’s one of my best money-saving (mainly where dining is concern) discoveries. Why was I not acquainted sooner!
  • Welcomed this amazing travel palette (➡︎) into my life and while at that point (of receiving it) I didn’t think much of it, I can imagine this being incredibly handy next year. You’ll know why next year, maybe ;)

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Wrapping Up 2014, Hustlin’ & Bustlin’ in 2015

So, phew, 2014 was some year huh! I think it’s probably one of my busiest blogging year in terms of how frequent, or rather how good I’ve been (ha!), with keeping this little space of mine relevant.

Backlogs are still aplenty of course but I’m glad to have been able to ‘keep with the times’, somewhat, and be able to put up multiple looks for certain product releases. It’s something I don’t think I’ve ever done so religiously on my blog before and frankly, I loved doing it. All the look features, look books and such.

A combination of both moving to a better platform (WordPress) and having more efficient tools on hand (Olympus Em10) to be able to quickly and easily shoot up images for entries definitely helped with it!

That aside, I also want to thank each and every one of my readers who take time out of their schedules, days and offer a couple of minutes to pop by my site. It may feel like nothing to you but it means a whole lot to me to know that my words, or pictures, are of help and interest to you!

I’ve been trying to ‘let go’ and allow my blogging style to be more candid, goofy and hopefully more light-hearted and easy to read! I mean, I’ve always had this rambly-ness in me but I try to keep a ‘clean’ and objective tone about the blog just to keep ramblings to a minimal, and have it sound more polished I guess, but these days I’ve found that an injection of personality and some humour isn’t that bad too!

That’s just me and my preference for blogs I read these days at least and frankly it’s not too huge a difference from the way I used to write since I’ve been progressively allowing myself to ramble more since my ‘polished’ starting days. There was a time I felt like I was writing a press release with each entry given my neutral tone and how I strived to be brief and eloquent, but with the amount of bloggers emerging from the boom of social media these days, I guess it helps to differentiate yourself a little even if it shows how much of a dork you can be (or rather I can be, hurhur).

Okay, too much words. As much as rambling is fun I still try to prevent myself from writing a novel, where necessary.

I digress, but really I want to thank you all truly and sincerely because I’m well aware of how the social media realm has changed and is changing. Instagram is on the rise and in some aspects – like quick information dissemination – it replaces blogging. New personalities are also emerging from Instagram along with this style of keeping everything pretty and perfect – perfectly posed products, perfectly new items, flowers, pretty outfits, poses, shots etc.

In some respects it works but how much can a pretty picture tell you about how a blush would look on, or how an eyeshadow would work when paired with another hue? And in some examples of the, well, examples the actual showcase of makeup wearing is dubious and reason why these personalities never made it their practice to show products in the way we do. I believe there’s bound to be some fatigue from this trend and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel it. So while I do my share of posting product pictures, I try to accompany it with a follow up of how it looks or even a long-winded blog post about it.

It’s a whole new world out there now but like Sophia mentioned in her 2014 round up as well, we’ve been around before that trend arose and we’re just still here keeping it real and showcasing products as truly as we can – how they work and sharing our thoughts on how they feel as opposed to just posing them prettily accompanied with generic text so… I guess we’re (or at least I am) glad for people who still feel that blogging and the good-ole beauty sharing is the best resource and those who feel our mentions and entries are credible and chose to stick by our sites even after all these years! Not forgetting the new visitors, followers and readers who share the same mindset. Truly, a very big thank you given, as I had mentioned in 2013, the blogging society is fleeting and fickle so for us to still be present today in the blogging realm and to brands makes a credible claim on what we’ve been doing so far!

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I know I’m getting especially sappy (and long-winded) in this year’s round up but let’s just say there may be a period of disappearance next year (I’ll talk about it) and if anything I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you, really I do. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I have never regretted the amount of time I’ve put into it because I know I enjoyed every second!

I’m not religious but I genuinely feel blessed for everything I have experienced and received on this blogging journey of mine thus far. All the love and products from brands, friendships forged from fellow blogger pals or brand personnel and receiving encouraging comments or emails from you readers! It’s hard to describe and I never thought that blogging would end up meaning so much to me but it has and it always will.

Okay, too many feels, I’m going to sign off now! After a long and mushy post, I’d suggest to read some awesome travel rambling by Mabel in her annual round up!

Look out for the Hello 2015 post for more information on that cryptic life update I spoke of!

Have a great year everyone! Who’s off to countdown and who’s off to wake up to 2015 instead? Ha!