Meeting Troy Surratt, Plus Surratt Mentions to Come!

Hello everyone!

Hope the weekend was awesome for all! I spent it running a couple of errands and it doesn’t help that end-of-year is bogged with birthday celebrations on top of the already gifting-filled festivities so yes, loads to sort and loads to do!


But before I went into my fairly beauty-free weekend (just the usual slap-and-go weekend face – might want to do an update on this!) I had the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking to a Makeup Maestro – Troy Surratt of Surratt Beauty!

I appreciate the quiet, casual and intimate meet up where I got to speak with Troy 1 one 1 without having to jostle with a crowd or speak over journalists / editors that may have a job to do as opposed to my own conversations spawned of personal interest, not so much because I have an article to put out.

Given that, of course I had to grab a photo with him too right? Who knows, the next time he’s back it could be a full out proper press event whereby it would be almost impossible to speak to him much less grab a picture then, yes?

So anyway, before I proceed I would like to say that the initial plan was to talk about Shupette today but I’ll have that scheduled for tomorrow instead, alright?

Let me bask in the thought of having met Troy Surratt last Friday a little longer because it’s not everyday you meet the founder of an established makeup brand and get to talk makeup and dig out some exclusive information on where the brand is headed in terms of products and direction!

I don’t believe I’m permitted to reveal it all – he did disclose it out of goodwill seeing my interest and excitement – but I guess all I can say is that the brand is truly starting to shape up and it’s so awesome to be able to witness it grow from a (really gifted) baby to now a blooming personality.

It’s amazing, really, and the fact that Troy (despite his brand’s success and coverage) is all humble about it genuinely pleased and appreciative when his products are being praised is really heartwarming to me.

It’s been about a year since the launch of Surratt and the brand has done pretty well, from what I gather at least, yet that doesn’t stop Troy from being constantly curious on ways he can continue to improve and expand the brand to satisfy his own beauty benchmarks and goals for the brand, which in turn turns out to be great for us because what we get here are well thought out products with superb quality and usability in them.

I mean, the brand even has a teeny tiny mascara solely for bottom lashes – complete with a smaller spoolie head and a formula that prevents messiness upon application. If that’s not well thought out I don’t know what is!


I didn’t explicitly mention but for those who may not know, Troy Surratt is actually Kevyn Aucoin’s Protege and they have close relations, working together for a long time. It’s a known fact but one I didn’t think to disclose as I was introducing him because at this point he (Troy) is famed enough to stand on his own without that title constantly attached to him (at the point of intro) but of course it is a good bit of his history to learn after all has been introduced about him.


Upcoming – The Brushes & Spring 2015

Alright, I don’t want to ramble and gush too much about my own excitement in having met Troy, so let me move on to talk but to sum it all up, I guess you could say that after having met and spoken to the founder of a brand like Surratt, I have attained a new level of admiration for both the man and the brand.

So, moving on to something that would interest you all a little more, upcoming stuff!

I can’t say too much really because we weren’t formally introduced to the items that would be coming up and a lot of it is actually hush hush for now, in the works and all so let me kick this off talking about something that is confirmed and already launched in some parts of the world – Surratt Beauty makeup brushes!

At first I wasn’t sure if we will ever get a piece (or a few pieces) of these given, you really never know when a brand is being represented and distributed and not here ‘on their own’ if that makes sense, but turns out, yes we will get them eventually!

Stocks aren’t in yet but if you’re looking to cop a feel of how delicately soft and fluffy these are, there is a tester set available for your feeling pleasure at the Surratt counter over at Takashimaya.

I’ve done my fair share of stroking these beauties and I’m just waiting for them to be out already.

The face brushes are the ones that catch my fancy a little more because that blush brush (2nd from left) and highlighter brush (4th from left) both look so good.

The eyebrushes aren’t too bad but the ones present seemed a little big and fluffy for my eye area though it’s good to note that we don’t have the smallest blending brush (amongst the testers) yet.

No I don’t have Spring visuals, so have some of Surratt’s Fall look instead, heh!


The confirmed aside, I guess Troy wouldn’t mind it too much if I snuck in some Spring mentions because it’s pretty exciting business!

See, I’m sorry, I’m quite horrid at keeping beauty secrets. Heh!

For Spring we’re looking at bases (finally!) and also some lips – mainly the Lip Crayons which I personally prefer. The lipsliques are lovely for that sheer juicy pout but I love me some intense saturation and I can never turn down a vibrant colored matte lip look – très chic.

The one shade I’m eyeing (that’s coming in Spring) is a orange-orange lip color that is endearingly named after Troy’s little pup, Clementine!

Purple Divider

Okay I think I’ve said enough and I really let myself ramble away in this post. My bad!

Apart from the chat and photo, I got to take some pieces back with me add to my humble yet already growing stash of Surratt. Troy selected a couple of bold lip crayon shades for me after learning that I preferred the look that these give to the lipsliques and that bold lips are typically the way I go.

Okay, maybe I’m in a bit of a lazy neutral rut these days but it’s so easy to go back to bold lips when you’re feeling uninspired.

Lips aside, I also marveled at the brow liner when he was talking about it so he placed that into my bag as well.

So this is where my Surratt stash stands at as of now!

I have some snaps and looks done up prior to meeting Troy and acquiring these new items so I’ll probably still put those up as planned and if anything, I may even throw on another look after the mention of these new items!

I mean… I don’t think anyone is opposed to a Surratt spam, right?

If anything, if you’re super eager to read about Surratt first, I do have an overview posted a while ago so check that if you haven’t!


Interestingly, I was told that the counter-space that we have here (at Takashimaya) is more luxuriously spaced than small and cramped counter-top they have in New York. But I suppose that’s a given, since real estate is a lot pricier there – Troy’s joke, not mine!

Though I heard that they are given a fair enough treatment at Liberty in London so, if you’re ever heading there this end of year, it’s probably worth checking their space out there too (and the brushes)!

That said, I’ll leave all this about Surratt here for now and head on over to give Shupette it’s worthy mention before coming back to this.


Given how much there is to mention these days and how much there is within each mention – e.g. the many products within Shupette and such – I feel some sort of orderliness in grouping the mentions together for easier reference and flow, I assume? Rather than hoping about too much and leaving the readers confused about what I could be talking about this time around.

Though of course it’s not like a product will be swept under the carpet once it’s dedicated mention is over. If anything, you all know how it goes on here, I often dig up oldies to rediscover and re-feature even if it means taunting you about Limited Edition goods, heh!


So anyway thank you for reading! We’re on to everyone’s favorite kitty cat tomorrow :)

Available at Beautique, Level 3 Takashimaya or

Surratt Beauty At Takashimaya! – Swatches & Pics

Incase you haven’t heard, Surratt Beauty (founded by Troy Surratt) has very quietly and discreetly crept into our sunny little island!

I heard some whisperings and caught some wind about Surratt Beauty being available to us a little while ago but I had no idea it was this soon!

I’m not complaining though!

It was only of late that I started taking interest in the brand but only very slightly. I didn’t mange to dive into their sea of products – which in this case is thankfully not too extensive. I have only managed to scratch the surface of Surratt via their blushes; I have 2 on my wishlist but I’m afraid I could be adding more…

Their range is good enough with a good number of shadows, blushes, lippies and some base products to complete a look but not huge to the extent that it has you overwhelmed on where to start.

I am also pleased to report that, as of now at least, we have the entire collection available at Takashimaya (Level 3)! Woots!

Not a stray eyeshadow or two, a handful of blushes or missing a whole range – we have it all from their lip crayons to concealers and such so if you’re new to the brand and want to see what the buzz is about or have been eyeing this brand for awhile, I highly urge you to head down and give it a look!

In the meanwhile here are some pictures I managed to snap and swatches I managed to do while hovering over the counter for a period of time.

T’was Friday and I was waiting about in town for the hubs so I’m glad the Sales Assistants over at Beautique (the retail outlet at Taka Level 3) were kind enough to give me the privacy to swatch & snap while still being on the ball with makeup removers and wipes!

A little background about Troy Surratt that I had read via Rougedeluxe’s very informative lowdown about the brand is this makeup artist extraordinaire (Troy Surratt) was a protege of Kevyn Aucoin and was subsequently very inspired / fascinated with Japanese beauty products. It’s no wonder that to a certain extent while this is very much marketed as a ‘western brand’ it seems to lend that soft asian touch that brings to mind THREE and ADDICTION – in a couple of ways but I’ll get to that.

The products, as you’ll see later, are nicely saturated but not scarily so, they are easy and quick to work with and do emphasize largely on quality as does Japanese departmental-store makeup brands.

The concept of Surratt is much like ADDICTION whereby you can buy the products individually or decide to choose enough to make a palette from. Though unlike ADDICTION where the individual packaging is pretty sturdy and decent, Surratt’s is a little simplified – a clear acrylic ‘sleeve’ which while pretty isn’t overly sturdy.

I feel it’s good enough but don’t we all just love customizing a palette?

It comes in the same amount of options – a 4 pan or 6 pan and we’re talking eyeshadow size here. A blush is equivalent to 2 blocks of eyeshadows so… you do the math and palette jigsaw!

The ideal situation, much like how I customized my ADDICTION palette (which I’ll talk about soon), would be 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush in the bigger pan option. It’s a splurge that’s for sure but a very pretty one if you pick the right colors that you take with you anywhere and everywhere!


So anyway, that’s the concept behind Surratt’s products, let’s have a look at some swatches now!

In terms of the quality I really like what I swatched. I can’t give a proper impression because my experience with the brand thus far is only fingers and the back of my hand but from that, the blush and eyeshadows are nice and soft, creamy but dense powders that don’t pill up or result in fallout once swatched.

It blends incredibly well and feels like it would be a dream to work with.

Here’s a look at the blush first – they range from lightly to intensely pigmented and give a nice diffused look that would be most beautiful when worn.

Surratt Artistique Blush – S$42 each

I skipped out swatching 2, I believe simply because I didn’t have anymore space but of the lot the 2 blushes I was eyeing would be Ponceau and Aureole. So stunning!

Moving on to eyeshadows, this I did manage to swatch the whole lot. It involved a lot of wiping and having shimmer-bombed hands after but it was well worth it because now I can slowly picture ways to put together a palette for myself down the road.


Surratt Artistique Eyeshadow – S$33 each

Surratt Artistique Eyeshadow – S$33 each

Surratt Artistique Eyeshadow – S$33 each

Surratt Artistique Eyeshadow – S$33 each

While I say ‘shimmer’ above, the shimmer factor in these are very nicely done. It isn’t gritty nor obnoxious and instead melds into the color to provide a nice reflex, adding depth and dimension in a subtle and sophisticated manner.

Some shades felt notably drier compared to others which were a total creamy dream – especially Greige, exceptional quality – but even then it still feels smooth and blends well. As you can see above, they all still look and swatch beautifully.

With blush and eyes set, of course we can’t forget the lips!

Surratt offers 2 lip products (lip liner and gloss aside) to choose from – the Automatique Lip Crayon and Lipsliques.


Automatique Lip Crayon – S$45 each

The Lip Crayons are, as the name goes, very much like matte-finished chubby pencils. They swatch intensely and are very saturated. I can’t remark on how they will feel like the lips but if I recall right, it’s not slippery or buttery but it doesn’t tug much either. I have my eyes on these and can’t wait to try them out!

I swatched all the Lip Crayons above.


Lipsliques – S$50 each

The Lipsliques are Surratt’s take on lipsticks as they come housed in a sleek twist-up and long bullet.

The formula is akin to Japanese lip products where it feels moist, has some transparency and yet is nicely saturated at the same time. I wouldn’t say it is ‘creamy’ but I think glossy lipshine with a juicy glide sounds like a better way to describe these. I’m not sure if they set eventually or stain with wear, you’ll have to test that to see!

I didn’t swatch the whole range because it comes in way more than just these few!

p.s. Some don’t have names because I couldn’t recall which one I swatched, oops.


Last but not least (in terms of what I checked out), would be these Smokey Eye Batons which I find very interesting.

This dual ended pencil-powder-stick comes with a creamy twist-up liner on one side and one of those sponge saturated with powder on the other.

Surratt claims this to be the perfect way to throw on a smokey look with ease – simply smoke on the cream liner and then smudge it out with the powder on the other end for a perfectly smokey and edgy eye look. These come available in 5 smoking hot variants, because a black smokey eye is so been there done that.

Surratt Smokey Eye Baton – S$55

I particularly like Cendres when I swatched it. The cool mid-brown and champagne eyeshadow goes so well together for a simple smokey day look.

Purple Divider

In all, I think there’s a whole lot to discover about this brand be it if you’ve been hearing buzz about it online or are completely new to the name.

It’s a nice sized collection thus far with great products on hand and although your wallet might wince a little at the prices, Iris (of Rougedeluxe) has informed me that it is quite comparable to the price range at Libertys in London so… I guess it’s not too bad.


I’m just really excited that we managed to get this brand on our shores so soon! What’s more I heard that they will be adding makeup brushes to their line up real soon and the quality of which is said to be comparable to Suqqu. Le gasp!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re as lovely and not as expensive (as Suqqu)!

 Surratt Beauty is now located at Takashimaya Departmental Store (Level 3), along with Koh Gen Do, Cowshed, Appa Kappa and more!

Thanks for reading!