NEW: Lancôme’s Grandiôse Mascara – Bend the Rules of Mascara!

I am running around with my hands empty here (I have only previewed this but I haven’t got my hands on it – long story short the press piece is at my parent’s place) but I am still so stoked to share information about this new Lancôme innovation, and also stoked that we (Singapore) are amongst the first few people to get our hands on this product!

Typically items make their way around the western part of the globe before it eventually lands on our laps but… I think, and I could be wrong, that we are getting it first this time around?


So anyway, yes, the talk of the town right now is surely Lancôme’s latest mascara introduction – Grandiôse, which as its name implies is grand and elegant in alls means and ways.


Innovation for Effortless Technique

With a trademarked and unique Swan-Neck™ wand, this mascara is set to redefine and also very literally bend the rules of mascara usage through the elegantly displaced neck of the wand, which bends at a calculated angle of 25 degrees.

I am assuming that this whole train of thought of a bent wand was probably sparked from observing make up professionals at work backstage because if you ask around, some of the make up artists actually like to bend their mascara wands a little upon removing it, just so it is easier to work around.

I haven’t tried bending a mascara wand for myself to know but I have seen it being done.

Thus with that mind-bending idea, years of research and development went into place to find the perfect angle and also perfect way to execute this thought, which resulted in this 25 degree swan-neck™ that is touted to be able to maneuver around crevices of the face and also get intimate with the shorter and harder to reach lashes.

With that said, here is a little diagram from Lancôme on how to best angle this little guy about to leave no lash uncoated!

I haven’t tried the product on myself to see how accurate or simple it is to werk this wand but I certainly can’t wait to.

Even though my relationship with mascara does need a little rekindling (we used to be BFFs and all until an eye irritation broke us apart), these days mascara just doesn’t work with my frames though I have been told this formula is softer and doesn’t leave your lashes feel firm and crisp so… maybe, just maybe frames and Grandiôse might be able to work together.

Also, it is possibly because this formula isn’t waterproof but with my experience with Lancôme’s non-waterproof formulas, unless you’re caught in a downpour or thinking to swim with this, it shouldn’t matter too much.


Ultra Black & Smart Formula

What’s more, this unique applicator aside, the formula is said to have received a boost and is capable of ticking the three major boxes of Volume, Length and Curl.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, especially where Curl is concerned because while my lashes aren’t stick-straight they do need cajoling from a lash curler. Thus, I would be curious to explore how this applies on without that tool but I wouldn’t expect much either… check back to find out what I think about it once I get to it!

Where volume and definition is concerned, Lancôme has your back covered with a color-amplifying polymer for an intensely rich and ultra-black color.


Lash-Loving Benefits

Of course you can’t talk about Lancôme without at least a little mention on skincare so, aside from the aesthetically aiding aspect of the Grandiôse mascara, this seductive little siren also comes enriched with Lancôme’s exclusive Native Rose-Cell extract.

Giving my lashes a little pampering boost while I beautify them? I’m down for that!

Grey Divider

Though with all that said and done there is a little downside to packing so much cool, so much innovation and all these lash loving / amping qualities into one gorgeously designed tube of mascara – the price point which is a little step higher than their usual at S$60 a pop.

I can’t justify if that price is worth it or not based on usage because I haven’t given this a go but if anything, Lancôme mascaras have always been consistently priced at S$50 (for most pieces) over the years that I am not too taken aback at the price tag of S$60 for the amount of innovation, novelty and also promising aspects of this mascara.

My point of this entry is to introduce the product so I can skip out the technicalities when my actual opinions and thoughts are formed, so do check back for that once I’ve gotten time to give this a go!

I guess I’m just way too excited about this intriguing mascara launch that seems to be fanning the dimming mascara flame of mine. It’s been way way too long since I have associated mascara with excitement given I rarely wear it now with my frames (eye irritation and all that’s still not going away…). Though that is a story I will tell in my review, if even necessary so keep a look out for that!

Make Up Maestro Demo @ Sephora ION

All this aside, one thing you can keep a look out for if you wish to get in on the Grandiôse hype and happening is, do drop by ION Orchard’s Sephora tomorrow from about 2.45pm onwards because Lancôme will be doing a little demonstration with the maestros of the makeup realm!

From what I have heard they will be showing how they incorporate Lancôme’s Grandiôse into their makeup rule-bending way so that should be quite an event to look out for!

It’s 2.45pm (onwards) at ION Orchard Sephora, the exhibition area!

I’ll see you then if I manage to pop by!


Till then, thank you for reading and I can’t wait to pick up and play with my Lancôme Grandiôse! It looks so promising from what I have heard!

I feel in a rambly mood, of some sort but this entry is long enough so… perhaps I’ll save the ramble for another time!

Are you excited for this launch? Are you a mascara fiend?

Lancôme’s Grandiôse mascara retails for S$60 and is a permanent item.
It is currently available at Sephora ION and will launch island-wide sometime start September.

Press File Disclosure

YSL Spring 2014 – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in No. 22)

To tell you the truth, mascara hardly excites me anymore.

I think it boils down to the fact that I rarely wear mascara these days given how I am in frames all the time; I dislike the feeling of coated lashes rubbing against frames, hence.

Though when I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in 22, Captivating Purple – whoa long name), I actually felt that long-lost mascara excitement spark through me once more.

YSL’s Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils is an award-winning volumizing mascara, aimed at giving you dramatic lash results in a single stroke.

I think ‘a single stroke’ is an ambitious statement since we all have to give the usual one, two – wiggle it on, dabbing an extra coat once the first dries etc.

Now, did this little bugger win awards with me?

Well, I’d say it faired relatively well and especially so with the shade (captivating purple) which sadly is Limited Edition. I’m not sure of the quantities but last I checked, they were still quite well stocked.

I like my colored mascara to lend some color (well, duh) yet still be able to define my lashes. So, definitely no fluttery hot pink or stark white-based purple on my peepers for me.

Which brings me to what ignited my excitement to wear mascara, specifically this mascara – the color!

Yes, I love my blacks and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with black (or brown, if you prefer) mascara, it’s the perfect way of life. Though sometimes a little color that does exactly the same as a black mascara, except with a little more is not too bad a venture!

Isn’t the purple just… captivating?

I really like the jeweled aspect of it, glinting a blue-ish purple when it hits the light and appearing deep / dark all the same, allowing for a nice coat of definition on the lashes.

The brush applicator is simple, straight-forward, combining nylon fibres of varying lengths to help comb through each and every strand of lash, evenly coating them with just the right amount of product.

I’ve given this a couple of uses and while I don’t do the whole works (upper lash, lower lash) daily, I like to occasionally pop a quick coat of this on my lower lashes.

The colored aspect adds a nice hint to the look and definition, without being snuffalapagus-level of too much, is welcomed.

I didn’t manage to snap eye shots for this particular entry but I do have a LOTD featuring this, coming right up so you can see it there!

The downside (see what I did there!)

I think this adds a nice amount of volume and given that it isn’t dark black, it’s definition without the harshness (and a subtle color to boot). For my lashes it seems to tick all the right boxes, except one very important one – it doesn’t hold curls, boohoo.

My lashes aren’t stick straight and usually don’t need more cajoling to stay curled but sometimes, just sometimes, some mascaras go on and they’ll start wilting like plants with microwaved water. Okay, maybe not that bad. They’ll still have a curl to them but are a little drooped, minimizing that whole mesmirizing fluttery eye look, sad.

Though that isn’t too bad if all you want is a natural everyday sort of look – nothing too preened and curled. However those that need heavy duty mascara that defies gravity, maybe you want to thread with caution here.

Over all, I still love this and I like that I can at least use it on my lower lashes for a hint of color, if anything! At least this seems to be the best way for me to be using mascara in my four-eyed days!

Thanks for reading, how do you feel about colored mascaras?

This is Limited Edition and already available at YSL boutiques and counters island-wide