Top 10 Posts on Icyabstract (WordPress) in 2014!

Well, I wasn’t intending to do another ‘Most Popular on Icyabstract’ mention again, like I did last year with Onsugar, because I wasn’t sure if WordPress allowed for access to such statistics and all (since I’m on the free account) but as it turns out the WordPress team had sent out an incredibly cute WordPress ‘Annual Report’ for blogs.

It’s a lowdown of the happenings on your blog for the year (those with WordPress would know!) such as posting habits, the number of hits you get, demographic etc. Interesting stuff with a really cute design to boost so that sort of spurred me into creating this round up entry once more.

Though within the Annual Report, WordPress had only indicated the Top 5 entries so I went ahead to search through the statistical page and come up with a Top 10 instead! Because, 10 is more holistic, no?


The Top 10!

So anyway, here’s the Top 10 (ignore the home page before obviously that’ll garner most hits).

Now since you can’t click from within and you’re probably too lazy to search up said feature posts should you have missed it, I have them all linked below if you’d like to check them out.

  1.  Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!
  2. Surratt Beauty At Takashimaya! – Swatches & Pics
  3. New: YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (Info)
  4. First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014
  5. The Lowdown – YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush (Cheek & Lip Swatches)
  6. New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)
  7. Sephora Hols 2014 – Sephora (The House Brand)!
  8. Sephora Hols 2014 – Tarte Cosmetics!
  9. Sephora’s 2014 Holiday Collections Are Upon Us!
  10. A Throwback LOTD – Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette

If you ask me, I’m actually a little surprised at the results, especially when a couple of the entries mentioned in the rundown are ‘migrated’ entries.

Which means they were brought over from my Onsugar so I didn’t expect them to have many dedicated views (e.g. the Lancôme LOTD and YSL Baby Doll mentions) but I guess these items are popular enough themselves to garner some searches.

That aside, it’s also quite apparent how hot Sephora mentions are as well. I was a little surprised that a couple of entries aren’t on that list but, given how is calculated, it could be because those posts were rather late in the year.

Ah well, nonetheless, I believe I said it last year as well but it’s so interesting to see statistical things like that and uncover things you least expect.


Top Commenters!

That aside, they had also rounded up the Top 5 commenters to the site and I thought that was a really nice gesture.

Given how these days a large percentage of readers prefer to lurk (nothing wrong with that, I do it too actually, heh), comments are all the more precious and to know that you guys have taken time out to actually drop a note and acknowledge my entries truly mean a whole lot to me.

More than you can imagine really when all it takes is a sentence and then hitting the enter button so thank you Genevieve, Sharmaintang, Arielle Tan, doseofrain and mybeautysanctuary!

Do check out their sites as its all about beauty lovin’ too!


That said, have a great New Year everyone! We’ve put one foot in 2015 and now all we’ve got to do is just keep walking or running through it! Onward everyone!

I’ll be back with a proper 2015 entry because that contains said cryptic life update that I’ve been hinting at. I wanted to wait one more day at least, and not disrupt the whole festive holiday mood, before announcing it proper :)

Till then! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

New Site, New Slate

Okay, I will admit this whole new slate thing is also because I have been arm wrestling this blog import option and for some glitchy reason it just wouldn’t work right. I have imported my blog before (as a back up then) so I knew it was quite a straightforward affair but I’m not sure why it is such a chore right now.

Though given that, as I was fretting about how this can best be done, I thought to myself…

Why am I so adamant on including all my old entries?

To a certain extent, yes credibility because it goes to show that I have ‘history’ but readers who know me, and follow me, would know that I have been around and have been writing for a good while so…. maybe I should take this chance to start fresh and anew.

Plus I did do a good amount of customization to my older template so importing all that over could also mean code chaos for some entries so… just, nevermind.

I am still trying to get cozy and comfy with this wordpress hosted blog site and a good number of people did ask me, why not just self-host?

I have probably explained it a few times – while a large part in me thinks it would be so fab to own a .com, another part of me just isn’t sure about the commitment factor of it since I am not even earning from this space (even during times I do, it is incredibly sporadic). So… yes, I like the appeal but am also rather comfortable being hosted somewhere.

Though I can imagine once I get tired of not having the reigns I may consider self-hosting. And hopefully by that time, the idiot that is somehow squatting on would have released it. Yes, can you believe it? Someone is actually site squatting!

But anyway

Welcome to my new site!

Let me do a quick run down on why I like this little new space better than my Old Onsugar!

  • So new and shiny!
    Self explanatory… Plus did you know that top left banner image changes with every refresh? ;)
  • The cool ‘functions’ enabled –
    aside from the sharing buttons below, if you’re reading my site midway and have to go, simply hit ‘Pocket’ to drop this into your Pocket account (if you have one) to continue reading later!
  • This site is mobile friendly –
    it loads easily on mobile devices (tablets or phones)
  • The RSS loads perfectly fine –
    if you had an issue with Onsugar’s RSS not displaying well, images especially, this one works well allowing you to head it from Blog Readers e.g. Bloglovin’

Speaking of which, do start following my wordpress site over at Bloglovin’!

And for those who hopped on here out of curiosity or something, you can still read my old entries over at It dates all the way back from 2014 to 2008 so, go knock yourself out!

Thanks for reading and what would you know, it’s the first of August as well – new month!